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Love Song For You

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DQLD (INA) - November 2023
A Love Song For You - Rio Wang (汪睿) : (Album: Love is Sweet OST)
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Intro: 16c - 1 Restart, 2 Tags

Section 1 : Right Chasse, Rock Back, Recover, Left Chasse, Rock Back, Recover
1&2Step RF to R, Step LF beside RF, Step RF to R
34Step LF behind RF, Recover RF
5&6Step LF to L, Step RF beside LF, Step LF to L
78Step RF behind LF, Recover LF
(Restart here after wall 6)

Section 2 : Touch Forward, Together, Touch Forward, Together, Modified Rocking Chair
1234Touch RF forward, Step RF beside LF, Touch LF forward, Step LF beside RF
5678Step RF forward, Recover LF, Step RF back, Hitch LF

Section 3 : Coaster Step, Forward, Monterey ¼ L, Pivot ½ L
1&2Step LF back, Step RF beside LF, Step LF forward
34Step RF forward, Touch LF to L
56Turn ¼ L Step LF beside RF, Touch RF to R (09.00)
78Step RF forward, Turn ½ L Step LF forward (03.00)

Section 4 : Slide diagonal R, Slide Diagonal L, Pivot ½ L, Full Turn L
1234Step RF diagonal R, Drag LF towards RF, Step LF diagonal L, Drag RF towards LF
56Step RF forward, Turn ½ L Step LF forward (09.00)
78Turn ½ L Step RF back, Turn ½ L Step RF forward (09.00)

Restart on Wall 6 after 8c (facing 09.00)

TAG, after Wall 2 (09.00) and Wall 8 (06.00)
12Step RF to R, Touch LF to L
34Step LF to L, Touch RF to R

Have fun!

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Marchy Susilani November 22, 2023
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