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Hwang sunyoung (KOR) - November 2023
Houdini - Dua Lipa
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Intro: 32count, No Tag, No Restart

[1 – 8] Stomp, Body Wave, Heel Out, Heel In, Step, Back Step, Saior Step 1/2 turn R
1,2-3&4Stomp RF Fwd to Dig R(1), Body Wave(2-3), heel Out RF(&), Heel In RF(4)
5,6Step RF Fwd to Dig R(5)(1:30), 1/2 Turn R Step LF Back (6)(7:30)
7&81/4 Turn R Cross Step RF Behind LF(7), 1/4 Turn R Stepping LF to R Side(&) Step RF Fwd(8)

[9 – 16] Pony Back, Back Step, Back Step, Side Step, Rock, Recover, Step, Point
1&2Step LF to Dig L Back Hitching R Knee(1), Step RF Beside R(&),Step LF Back Hitching R Knee(2)
3, 4Step RF to Dig L Back(3), Big Step LF to Dig L Back(4)
5, 6&1/8 Turn R Step RF to R Side(5)(3:00), Rock LF Behind RF(6), Recover RF(&)
7, 81/4 Turn L Step Fwd(7)(12:00), Point RF to R Side(8)

[17 – 24] Walk, Walk, Forward, Rock, Forward, Side Rocking Chair, Side, Touch
1-4Walk RF Fwd(1), Walk LF Fwd(2), Step RF Fwd(3), Rock LF Behind R(&), Step RF Fwd(4)
5&6&Rock LF to L Side(5), Recover Weight onto R(&), Rock LF Back(7), Recover Weight onto R(&)
7, 8Step LF to L Side(7), Touch RF Behind LF(8)

[25 – 32] Step Chest Downx2, Together, Mambo, Coaster 1/2 Turn, Side Step, Together
1&2Step RF to R Side with Chest Downx2(1&), Step LF together(2)
3&4Step RF Fwd (3), Recover on LF (&), Step RF Back (4)
5&6Step LF Back(5), 1/4 Turn R Step RF to R Side(&), 1/4 Turn R Step LF Fwd (6)(6:00)
7-8Step RF to R Side Dragging LF(7), Together LF(8)

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