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Coming To America

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Absolute Beginner - Contra
Aurora de Jong (USA) - November 2023
America - Neil Diamond : (Reprise, from the Jazz Singer)
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Dance starts on lyrics (after 32 counts of the hard drum beats)

Counts 1-8: Walk forward and back
1-2Step R forward (1), step L forward (2)
3-4Step R forward (3), tap or kick L forward (4)
5-6Step L back (5), step R back (6)
7-8Step L back (7), touch R to L (8)

Counts 9-16: R and L grapevines
1-2Step R to right (1), step L behind R (2)
3-4Step R to right (3), touch L next to R (4)
5-6Step L to left (5), step R behind L (6)
7-8Step L to left (7), touch R next to L (8)

Counts 17-24: Forward shuffles R and L, R rocking chair
1&2Step R forward (1), step L next to R (&), step R forward (2)
3&4Step L forward (3), step R next L (&), step L forward (4)
5-6Step forward on R foot, slightly lifting L foot off the ground (5), recover back to L foot (6)
7-8Step back on R foot, slightly lifting L foot off the ground (7), recover forward to L foot (8)

Counts 25-32: ¼ right jazz box (2x)
1-2Step R foot in front of L (1), step L slightly back (2)
3-4Step R foot to right side, turning ¼ right (3), step L foot next to right (4) (3:00)
5-8(Repeat steps 1-4) (6:00)

This dance was designed to be done “contra style”, with your group in two lines facing one another. Each person should line up, not directly facing the other person, but off-set in the spaces between each person. When you walk forward during the first 4 counts, you will pass the people facing you briefly before walking back again. In counts 17-24 you will again pass the people facing you and you will stay there as you each turn around to face each other again.
You’ve traded places!

Enjoy this great song!



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