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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - November 2023
Hazard - Richard Marx
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1 restart in wall 10 after 4 counts.

Right, cross forward, right, touch, Left, cross over, left, touch
1RF step to Right.
2LF cross forward RF
3RF step to right.
4LF touch left.
5LF step to the left.
6RF cross forward LF.
7LF step left.
8RF touch right.

Rumba box forward, touch, rumba box forward touch.
1RF step to the right.
2LF step next to RF
3RF step forward.
4LF touch next to RF.
5LF step left.
6RF step next to LF.
7LF step forward.
8RF touch backwards LF.

Step back, touch, step forward ¼ turn left, touch, step, touch.
1RF step back ward.
2LF touch next to RF.
3¼ turn left, LF step forward.
4RF touch next to LF
5RF step right.
6LF touch next to RF.
7LF step left.
8RF touch next to LF.

Rock forward, touch, rock, forward, touch
1RF rock forward.
2Recover weight on LF.
3RF close next to LF.
4LF touch next to RF.
5LF rock forward.
6Recover weight on RF.
7LF close next to RF.
8RF touch next to LF.

Start again.

2023 29 NOV 5 2 DEC '23 50


dancer33 November 27, 2023
Restart wall 11 with step change weight on right x

dancer33 November 27, 2023
Weight on left in place count 4 then restart facing 6pm. Should read sorry

raymond sarlemijn November 28, 2023
Thank you dancer 33 šŸ‘šŸ»

tomgcoleman December 1, 2023
Feels like nice AB. I'd shorten titles to weave, K-step, rock recover tap ( is there a word for this? mambo-ish ). Fun contra if 2 wall via K-step half turn, and rumba box changed to rumba parallelogram / diamond. :)

suzyq December 1, 2023
There is no weave or K-step though ? šŸ˜Š

suzyq December 1, 2023
Lovely little dance and well known song. Canā€™t wait to teach it in my classes very soon. šŸ˜Š

raymond sarlemijn December 2, 2023
Thank you all for dancing my dance, I am honored and humble

dancer33 December 5, 2023
Love it Raymond Sarlemijn x

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