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What More Can I Say

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Kristin Clove (USA) - November 2023
What More Can I Say - Teddy Swims
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*1st 8 Count
1.step RF forward shifting weight to onto RF
2.Push off RF sweep around cross behind LF,
3. &weave RF back, LF step side LF
4. &RF cross shuffle
5.Weight is on RF
6.Rock back onto LF
&7.step RF side R, LF side L,
&8.RF back center, LF cross over RF

*2nd 8 Count
1.RF step side R,
2.LF cross behind RF,
&3RF step 1/4 turn side R, step LF forward 1/2 pivot turn
4.Weight is on RF
5.LF Slide Forward
6.RF slide side R 1/4 turn L (over L shoulder)
7.LF slide side L
8.RF slide side R 1/4 turn L (over L shoulder)

*3rd 8 Count
1&2, 3,4,
1&2LF cross behind RF sailor step -2. Weight is on LF
3.Step RF behind LF 1/4 turn over R shoulder
&4ball change LF step side L , RF cross over LF making 1/4 turn to back wall
5.LF step side L.
6 &.cross RF behind L, Step LF side left
7.bring RF to LF & POP R knee
8.Step RF side right bring LF to RF & POP L knee

*4th 8 Count
(making 3/4 turn)
1.Step LF side L sweep RF around front
2.RF 1/2 pivot turn land with weight on back RF & pop L knee
3&4LF step back to coaster step, 4. Finish coasted Step weight LF
5.Step forward RF
6.Step forward LF
7.8Step forward RF, 1/2 Pivot turn 8. landing weight on LF

TAG - Wall 4
1-4step forward RF wizard step
5-8step forward LF wizard step


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