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Like a Dynamite

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Improver / Intermediate
Tanya Teng (MY) - October 2023
Dynamite - BTS
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Intro: 16 counts, start at approximately 00:09s (Audio version)

S1: Funky Walk 4 Steps Forward, Step R to R, Hip Bum Right 3x (Arm styling optional)
1-2Walk forward on Right (1), Walk forward on Left (2),
3-4Walk forward on Right (3), Walk forward on Left (4),
5-8Step Right to Right (5), Hip Bum Right x3 with weight on Right (6,7,8)
Arm: On Count 5, Point R index finger to the sky, bring it down to shoulder level in 3 counts (6-8) with Hip Bum Right

S2: Ball Cross R over L, Step L to L, Behind Side Cross ¼ turn L stepping R Forward, Knee Roll L, Knee Roll R
&1-2Recover on ball of Left (&), Cross Right over Left (1), Step Left to Left (2)
3&4Step Right behind Left (3), Step Left forward making a ¼ turn Left (&), Step Right forward (4)
5-6Knee roll anti clockwise stepping forward on ball of Left foot (5), Recover Left next to Right (6)
7-8Knee roll clockwise stepping forward on ball of Right foot (7), Recover Right next to Left (8)

S3: Step L Forward, Recover on R, Step L next to R, Step R behind, Point L to L, Jazz Box ¼ turn L stepping R Forward
1-2&Step Left forward (1), Recover on Right (2), Step Left next to Right (&),
3-4Step behind on R (3), Point Left to Left (4)
5-6Cross Left to Right (5), Step back on Right (6)
7-8Step Left forward making a ¼ turn Left (7), Step Right forward (8)
Note: Do a ½ Upper Body roll from Count 1-2&

S4: Step L Forward, Pivot ½ Right, Step L Forward, Pivot ¼ Right, Out out, In in, Knee Pop
1-2Step Left forward (1), Pivot ½ turn Right (2),
3-4Step Left forward (3), Pivot ¼ turn Right (4)
5-6Step Left forward diagonally (5), Step Right to Right diagonally (6)
&7&8Step Left back in place (&) Step Right next to Left (7), Pop Knee forward (&), Recover stepping back in place (8)

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Thank you in advance for sharing and for supporting the dance!

For more information on the step sheet or song, you may contact me below:
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