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Ni Zen Me Shuo (你怎么说)

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Heru Tian (INA) - November 2023
Ni Zen Me Shuo (你怎麼說) - Teresa Teng (鄧麗君)
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***3 Tags, 1 Restart

***Tag 8C at the end of wall 2, 5 & 7 facing 12.00
Tag : Fwd, Together, Raise Both Hands Above Head, Bring Hands down into chest level, Drag, 4 Steps in place
&1Step RF fwd (&), Step LF next to RF (1) angling body facing 10.30
2Raise both hands above head (2)
34Bring hands down into chest level, and Drag RF to R Side over 2 counts (3,4)
5678Step RF next to LF (5), Step LF in place (6), Step RF in place (7), Step LF in place (8)
(Optional : Sways your hip while you stepping on count 5-8)

Section 1 : Slow Prissy Walks, Touch Fwd, Hip Roll, Sweep, Hitch
1234Step RF cross over LF (1), Hold (2), Step LF cross over RF (3), Hold (4)
56Touch RF slightly fwd, Start hip roll (5), Roll hip clockwise (6) Keep weight on LF
78Sweep RF back to front (7), Hitch RF slightly cross over LF (8)

Section 2 : Syncopated Jazz Box, 1/4L Big Step Side, Drag into Touch, Shoulder Rolls, Kick
12&Cross RF over LF (1), Step LF Back (2), Step RF to R Side (&)
34&Cross LF over RF (3), Step RF Back (4), Step LF to L Side (&)
561/4L, Take a long step RF to R Side (5), Drag LF towards to RF into Touch next to RF (6) facing 9.00, angle body to 10.30
7&8Roll Left Shoulder front to back (7), Roll Right Shoulder front to back (8), Kick LF to R Diagonal (8)
(Optional : Bend your knees while you rolling the shoulders on count 7&, and Return knees up while you kick )
**Restart here on Wall 3
(Noted : During Wall 3, you dance up to 16C, but omit the “kick” on count 16, you just need to return your knees and restart the dance facing 12.00)

Section 3 : 3/4L Walks and Shuffle Around, Slide, Drag, Slide, Drag
121/8 L, Step LF fwd (1) facing 9.00 , 1/4L, Step RF fwd (2) facing 6.00
3&41/4L, Step LF Fwd (3), Step RF Next to LF (&), 1/4L, Step LF Fwd (4) facing 12.00
5678Take a long step RF to R Side (5), Drag LF towards RF (6), Take a long step LF to L Side (7), Drag RF towards LF (8)

Section 4 : Side, Behind Touch, Unwind 5/8L, Bending Knees, 1/8R Back&Sweep, Back&Sweep, Coaster Step
&12Step/Jump RF to R Side (&), Touch LF behind RF (1), Unwind 5/8L facing 4.30 (2) finish turning into parallel position
34Bending Both Knees (3), Return knees (4)
561/8R, Step LF Back, Sweep RF front to back (5) facing 6.00, Step RF Back, Sweep LF front to back (6)
7&8Step LF back (7), Step RF next to LF (&), Step LF fwd (8)

Start again..


Marchy Susilani December 1, 2023
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