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So Go On

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High Beginner
Heather Barton (SCO) & Sophie Stevens (UK) - November 2023
Breathless - The Corrs : (iTunes, Spotify and Amazon)
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#32 Count Intro – Start on Main Vocals

SEC 1 Walk, Walk, Rocking Chair, Step, ¼ Pivot
1-2Step right forward, step left forward
3-4Rock right forward, recover weight onto left
5-6Rock right back, recover weight onto left
7-8Step right forward, pivot ¼ left transferring weight on to left (9:00)

SEC 2 Jazzbox Cross, Side, Twist Heel, Side, Twist Heel
1-2Cross right over left, step left back
3-4Step right to right, cross left over right
5-6Step right to right dipping to right, twist left heel to centre
7-8Step left to left dipping to left, twist right heel to centre

SEC 3 Side, Flick, Side, Behind, Side, Together, Shuffle
1-2Step right to right, flick left behind right
3-4Step left to left, step right behind left
5-6Step left to left, step right beside left
7&8Step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward
Restart Here on Wall 8

SEC 4 Step, Twist Heels, Kick, Back, Touch, Step, Brush
1Step right forward
2-3Twist both heels to right, twist both feet to centre
4Kick right forward
5-6Step right back, touch left beside right
7-8Step left forward, brush right forward

Ending: After 8 counts of last wall
¼ Jazz-box, Step
1-2Cross right over left, turn ¼ right step left back (12:00)
3-4Step right to right, step left forward
5Step right forward


sammyvarley December 4, 2023
Beautiful dance steps flow well to a great tune. Well done both X

JoAde December 12, 2023
This is a great upbeat Beginner line dance which is being well received in class. Steps fit well to the music.

Rosaratina January 1, 2024
Love the movement so much. The choreo is so nice. So go on.. 👌👍

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