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The Pirate

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Karianne Heimvik (NOR) - December 2023
Wellerman (Sea Shanty / 220 KID x Billen Ted Remix) - Nathan Evans, 220 KID & Billen Ted
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for xmas version you can use ie Jungle Bell Rock, Bobby Helms (drop the stomp in the end for this song)

[1-8] grapevine to the right, grapevine ¼ turn to left
1,2,3,4step RF to right side, step LF behind RF, step RF to right side, touch LF next ti RF
5,6,7,8step LF to left side, step RF behind LF, make ¼ turn to left stepping LF fwd, touch RF next to LF

[9-16] diagonally step fwd x2, walk back
1,2,3,4step RF diagonally fwd, touch LF next to RF, step LF diagonally fwd, step RF next to LF
5,6,7,81walk back RLR, step LF next to RF

[17-24]: hip bumps RL, figure eight with hips
1,2,3,4step RF to right side and make hip bumps x2 to the right, recover weight onto LF and make hip bumps x2 to the left
5,6,7,8swing your hips in a figure 8 starting with right hip fwd
(easier option: hip bump to the right, hip bump to left, hip bump to the right, hip bump to the left)

[25-32] big step to right side, two heel bumps, big step to left side, heel bump with a stomp
1,2,3,4make a big step to right side with RF, step LF next to RF, make heel bumps with both heels x2
5,6,7,8make a big step to left side with LF, step RF next to LF, make heel bumps with both heel x2. Finish the last count with a stomp with RF.


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