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Rex Allott (UK) - December 2023
Needle in a Haystack - The Velvelettes
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Intro - 16 beats

S1. Dorothy steps R, L, toe struts back R, L, R, L
1&2.Step R fwd, step L behind R, step R fwd
3&4.Step L fwd, step R behind L, step L fwd
5&6.Step R toe back, drop heel, step L toe back, drop heel
7&8.Rpt 5&6

S2. Cross shuffle L, turn 1/4 L & step R, L, R, L, cross shuffle R, step R, L, R
1&2.Cross R over L, step L to L, cross R over L
3&4&.Turn 1/4 L & step L fwd, step R next to L, step L back, step R next to L
5&6.Cross L over R, step R to R, cross L over R
7&8.Step R back, step L to L, step R next to L

S1. Pause x 2
1-2.Pause x 2

S2. R kick fwd, stomp L, R, L kick fwd, stomp R, L
1-2.Kick R fwd, return
3-4.Stomp L, R
5-6.Kick L fwd, return
7-8.Stomp R, L

S3. R kick fwd, stomp L, R, stomp R heel x 4
1-2.Kick R fwd, return
3-4.Stomp L, R
5-8.Stomp R heel x 4

S4. Pause x 4
1-4.Pause x 4

Tag after 2nd & 4th S2. (6 o’clock & 12 o’clock). S4. only of tag after 6th S2. (6 o’clock)
Finish front by replacing 7&8 of last S2. with 1/2 shuffle turn R

Last Update: 4 Dec 2023


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