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Dance Around the Fire

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Beginner / Improver
Laurie Armstrong (USA) - December 2023
OLD COUNTRY BARN - James Johnston
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Note: After I taught Around the Fire by Kate Sala, Chrystal Durand, Darren Bailey & Guillaume Richard to my intermediate dancers I wanted my beginners to be able to dance to this great track also. So, here’s what I came up with. I “borrowed” the first 1&2& steps from Around the Fire because they fit so well but that’s where the similarity ends. Hope you’ll give it a try.

[1-8] Out & Clap x 2, Shuffle Steps Back x 2, Rock Recover
1&2&Step RF out diagonally(1) Clap your hands(&), Step LF out diagonally(2), Clap your hands(&)
3&4Shuffle back, Stepping RLR
5&6Shuffle back, Stepping LRL
7-8Rock back on the R, Step(recover) on to the L

[9-16] Shuffle Right, Rock Recover(Lindy Right), Shuffle Left, Rock Recover(Lindy Left)
1&2Shuffle to the R stepping RLR
3-4Rock LF slightly back behind R, Step(recover) on to R
5&6Shuffle to the L stepping LRL
7-8Rock RF slightly back behind L, Step(recover) on to L

[17-24] Shuffle Steps Forward x 2, Jazz Box ¼ turn Right with a cross
1&2Shuffle forward stepping RLR
3&4Shuffle forward stepping LRL
5-8Step RF forward, Step back on L turning ⅛ R, Step side R turning ⅛ R, Step L forward slightly in front of R

[25-32] Toe Heel Step(Sugar Foot) x2, Pivot Full Turn
1&2Touch R toe next to L instep, Touch R heel next to L instep, Step R (slightly forward)
3&4Touch L toe next to R instep, Touch L heel next to R instep, Step L (slightly forward)
5-6Step R turn left ½, Step L
7-8Step R turn left ½, Step L

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DancinFool December 6, 2023
Thank you to whomever voted 5 stars!

kap December 9, 2023
Awsome dance. Easy to learn and lots of fun to dance.

DancinFool December 9, 2023
Thank you kap!

KelCo December 12, 2023
Love this one!

DancinFool December 13, 2023
Thank you KelCo!

Suzanne Wilson December 14, 2023
Diggin it! Teaching at Cowboys Orlando tonight!

DancinFool December 24, 2023
Thank you Suzanne!

DancinFool December 24, 2023
Thank you ARADONG Linedance for the lovely demo!

Rosie M February 9, 2024
Laura you created a great floor split for the harder dance & I'll certainly teach it to me Beginners, but if I may, I'd suggest the "rockin' chair option" for the last 4 counts.

DancinFool February 10, 2024
Thank you, Rosie. I'm so happy instructors are picking this up for their classes. It's my one and only dance. The rocking chair option isn't mentioned on the step sheet but in my tutorial I go over the rocking chair option. I think it is very important to explain options for turns and hope anyone teaching this, or any dance with full turns, will show their class how to get around them.

pupstergal March 1, 2024
My classes absolutely love this dance. So glad to have this easier option to such a fun song. Nice job!

DancinFool March 7, 2024
Thank you pupstergal!

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