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Call on Me

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J-F Casseau (FR) - November 2023
634-5789 - Trace Adkins
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Start : 16 counts Start on lyrics

Section 1: Toe strut Forward R & L, Rock forward, Toe strut back R
1-2-3-4Touch right toe forward, Drop right heel, Touch left toe forward, Drop left heel
5-6Rock forward on right, Recover on left
7-8Touch right toe back, Drop right heel

Section 2: Toe strut back L & R, Slow Coaster step, hold
1-2-3-4Touch left toe back, Drop left heel, Touch right toe back, Drop right heel
5-6-7Step left back, Step right next to left, step left forward

Section 3: Monterey 1/4 turn, Rocking chair
1-2Point right to right side, Turning 1/4 right step right together 03H00
3-4Point left to left side, step left together (Weight on left)
5-6-7-8Rock step right forward, recover on left, Rock back on right, recover on left

Section 4: Diagonally Forward touch R & L, Step turn, Stomp R & L
1-2Step right diagonal front, Touch left next to right & clap
3-4Step left diagonal front, Touch right next to left & clap
5-6Step right forward, turn 1/2 to left weight on left 09H00
7-8Stomp right forward, Stomp left forward

ENDING At the end of the last wall, which starts at 12 o'clock, do a 1/4 turn only and a PD stomp in front.

NOTE The music lasts longer, but you can naturally cut it short and stop at this point.

Repeat & Enjoy


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