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Simple Life

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Elis Purnama (INA) - December 2023
Simple Life - Lexy Panterra
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Intro 16c

S1. Sit back R-L, Back, Together, Forward, drag L, Together
1 – 2Step R Back and sit on R, Straighten Up body weigh on R
3 – 4Step L Back and sit on L, Straighten Up body weigh on L
5 – 6Step R Back, Close L Together
7 – 8Big Step R Forward drag L, Close L Together

S2. Side Touch, Side, ¼ Turn Hitch, Cross, Side, Sailor ½ Turn
1 – 2Step R Side, touch L behind snap R finger
3 – 4Step L Side, turn ¼ left hitch R [9.00]
5 – 6Cross R over L, Step L side
7&8¼ turn right step R behind, ¼ turn right step L side, step R forward [3.00]

S3. Cross Bend Knees, ¼ turn Forward, Pivot ½ turn right, Pony Step
1 – 2Cross L over with bend knees, Hold
3 – 4¼ turn right Step R forward, Step L forward [6.00]
5 – 6½ turn R step R in place, Hold [12.00]
7 – 8step L together hitch R, Hold

S4. Back, Big step side, Pivot with Ball, Modified Apple Jack R-L
1 – 2step R back, big step L side drag R
3 – 4Hold, press R ball Forward 1/4 turn L keep R heel uplift [9.00]
5 – 6Lift L toe and swivel out, swivel L toe in and swivel R heel in
7 – 8Lift R toe and swivel out, Swivel R toe in and swivel R heel in


Marchy Susilani December 21, 2023
Vote 2

Elis954 December 22, 2023
Terima kasih Bu Marcy πŸ™πŸ«Άβ€

Koes December 22, 2023

Elis954 December 23, 2023
Terima kasih Pak Kus πŸ™β€πŸ«Ά

Ribka December 23, 2023

Elis954 December 25, 2023
Terima kasih Ribka πŸ™β€

JudiRifa December 27, 2023
Vote#6 sukses selalu

Chandrani December 29, 2023
Cool... Congratulation sis πŸ€—

Elis954 December 30, 2023
Terima kasih Pak Judi πŸ™πŸ€—

Elis954 December 30, 2023
Terima kasih Pak Judi πŸ™πŸ€—
Terima kasih Sist Chandrani πŸ™πŸ€—β€πŸ–€

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