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On The Run

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K. Sholes (USA) & Shirley Blankenship (USA) - December 2023
On the Run - Ashes & Arrows
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Section #1: Step, Step, Coaster X2
1 2 3&4Step R forward, Step L back, Step Step RL back, Step R forward,
5 6 7&8Step L forward, Step R back, Step LR back, Step L forward.

Section #2: Step, Step, Rock, Recover, Cross X2
1 2 3&4Step R to side, Step L next to R, Rock R to side, Recover L, Step R over L,
5 6 7&8Step L to side, Step R next to L, Rock L to side, Recover R, Step L over R.

Section #3: Rock, Recover, 1/2 turn R Cha Cha, Rock, Recover, Cha Cha
1 2 3&4Rock R forward, Recover L, Step R 1/4 R, Step L 1/4 R, Step R next L
5 6 7&8Rock L to side, Recover R, Step LRL in place.

Section #4: Heel Tap, Step, Heel Tap, Step, Run Run Run X2
1&2&3&4Tap R heel forward, Step R back, Tap L heel forward, Step L back, Run RLR forward,
5&6&7&8Tap L heel forward, Step L back, Tap R heel forward, Step R back, Run LRL forward.

Enjoy! It’s All About Fun!

Last Update: 2 Jan 2024


Miske January 1, 2024

shirlblank January 1, 2024
Thank you, Miske,

Novi3NLD January 1, 2024

shirlblank January 1, 2024
thank you, Novi

V&V Danzz January 2, 2024
#7 5⭐💃😍

K.K. January 2, 2024
Thanks so much, V&V Danzz! 😘

Barbara Thurber January 2, 2024
I love it, Shirley!

shirlblank January 2, 2024
Thank you, Barbara 😊

WillB January 3, 2024
Cute, fun and….even a little sexy! Love it!

shirlblank January 3, 2024
Thank you WillB, I appreciated your comment.

Vee Trias January 6, 2024
Done vote #16.... ❤️❤️❤️

K.K. January 6, 2024
Thank you so much, Vee Trias! 😘

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