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Wonderful Life

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Ari Linedance (KOR) - January 2024
Your Trading Company (귀거래사) - Kim Shin Woo (김신우)
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TAG 4C : After Wall 4

Sec. 1] Diagonal Forward, Touch, (x2) Diagonal Back, Touch, (x2)
1 2RF Diagonal Forward, Touch L Beside R
3 4LF Diagonal Forward, Touch R Beside L
5 6RF Diagonal Back, Touch L Beside R
7 8LF Diagonal Back, Touch R Beside L

Sec. 2] Forward, 1/4T, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Behind, Side, Forward
1 2Step R Forward, 1/4T Left
3&4Step R Cross Over L, L Beside R, R Cross Over L
5 6Step L Side Lock, R Recover
7&8Step L Behind R, R Side to R, L Forward

Sec. 3] Side Touch (R/L), Forward Hill Touch (R/L), Fwd Lock, Coaster Step
1&2&Side Touch, Together (R/L)
3&4&Forward Hill Touch, Together (R/L)
5 6Step R Forward Rock, L Recover
7&8Step R Back, L Beside R, R Froward

Sec. 4] Hill Grind, 1/4T, Shuffle 1/4T, Mambo (Fwd / Back)
1 2Step L Hill Grind, 1/4T Left Step R Back (6:00)
3&4Step L Side, R Beside L, 1/4T Left Step L Forward (3:00)
5&6Step R Forward, L Recover, R Back
7&8Step L Back, R Recover, L Forward

TAG(4C) Side Touch (R/L)
1&2Step R to Side, Touch L Beside R
3&4Step L to Side, Touch R Beside L

Thank you^^


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