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Love Me Like

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Jonathan Tsu (UK), Roy Verdonk (NL) & Rhoda Lai (CAN) - January 2024
Love Me Like - OMEGA X
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Intro: 16 counts * Restarts on Walls 4 & 9 after 4& counts

S1 Paddle ¼ L with Hip Roll, ¼ L, ⅛ L L Rock Back-Recover, Hitch-Close, R Back, ¼ R L Touch, ¼ L L Lock Steps
1&2Step forward on RF rolling hips anti-clockwise (1), transfer weight to LF as you finish your hip roll making a ¼ L to 9:00 (&), ¼ L stepping R on RF (2)(6:00)
3&4&⅛ L rocking back on LF (3), recover weight forward onto RF (&), hitch LF (4), close LF next to RF (&) (4:30)
*Restarts On Walls 4 (9:00) and 9 (3:00) restart after 4&, add ⅛ R turn and then restart. Wall 5 and 10 start at (3:00) and (9:00) respectively.
56Step back on RF (5), ¼ R touch LF next to RF and snap R hand (6) (7:30)
7&8&¼ L Step forward on LF (7), lock RF behind LF (&), step forward on LF (8), lock RF behind LF (&) (4:30)

S2 L Forward, R Flick-Touch, R Rock Forward-Recover (X2), R Cross-Back-Back, L Cross-Back-Back-Touch
12Hop forward on LF as RF flicks back (1), touch R toes forward (2)
3&4&Rock forward on RF (3), recover on LF (&), Rock forward on RF (4), recover on LF (&) (4:30)
Optional Styling for counts 3&4& Raise hands up and out about shoulder-width (3), swing hands in towards chest with R hand crossed over L hand (&), continue hand motions with hands coming down and out to around hip-height (4) swing hands back up to crossed position near chest (&)
5 6&7Grind R heel fanning R toes to the R (5), step back on LF (6), step back on RF (&), slightly turn body to R cross LF over RF (7)
&8&Step back on RF (&), slightly turn body to L stepping back on LF (8), touch RF next to LF (&) (4:30)

S3 Point R, Clap, Hitch R X2, ⅛ L R Step-Pivot ½, R Kick-Ball-Cross ¼ L
12Point RF to R (1), extend L arm on shoulder level to the left, swing R arm above head and rotate arm to clap hands (2),
3&Leaving L hand in position, pull R elbow back while hitching RF (3), point RF to the side and return R hand to meet L hand (&)
4Pull R elbow back while hitching RF (4)
56⅛ L stepping forward on RF (5), pivot ½ L transferring weight to LF (6) (9:00)
7&8Kick RF forward (7), step on ball of RF (&), ¼ L crossing LF over RF (8) (6:00)

S4 R Ball-Cross, ¼ R R Step Forward, ½ R Chase, V-Step, Knee Pop
&12Step RF ball slightly to R (&), cross LF over RF (1), ¼ R stepping forward on RF (2) (9:00)
3&4Step forward on LF (3), pivot ½ R weight on RF (&), step forward on LF (4) (3:00)
56&7Step RF out to R diagonal (5), Step LF out to L diagonal (6), return RF to center (&), close LF next to RF (7)
8&Pop knees lifting heels of both feet and contracting chest inward (8), drop both heels with weight ending on LF and straightening up the body (&)
Styling for counts 5 6&7 8& R hand goes out in front with palm facing inwards (5), L hand goes out in front with palm facing inward (6) R hand comes to the chest (&), L hand comes to chest on top of R hand (7) keeping both hands together, push them away from your body (8), return them to the chest (&)

21 FEB '24 100


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