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Watermelon Moonshine

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Absolute Beginner
Bill Handley (AUS) - January 2024
Watermelon Moonshine - Lainey Wilson
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Start on the LF. - Intro: 16 counts.

[1st/8] Basic nightclub 2 step to the L, basic nightclub 2 step to the R, 2x Step lock steps forward (danced in the NC2 step Rhythm)
1,2&Step L to L side, rock R behind L, recover on L(&),
3,4&Step R to R side, rock L behind R, recover on R(&),
5,6&Walk forward on L, lock R behind L, walk forward on L(&),
7,8&Walk forward on R, lock L behind R, walk forward on R(&).

[2nd/8] Rock forward(1) Rock back(2), walk back(3), walk back to close(&) walk back(4), hold(&), walk back(5), walk back to close(&), walk back(6), hold(&), rock back(7), make a ¼ turn R as you step in place with the R to face 3:00(8).
1,2Rock forward on L, rock back on R,
3&4&Walk back on L, close R next to L(&), walk back on L, hold(&),
5&6&Walk back on R, close L next to R(&), walk back on R, hold(&),
7,8Rock back on L, make a ¼ turn R and step R in place, 3:00.

First Tag is at the end of the 4th Wall facing 12:00, consisting of 4 sways-LRLR for 4 counts.

Second Tag is at the end of the 9th Wall facing 3:00, again, 4 sways-LRLR for 4 counts.


dl January 17, 2024
Syncopation and tags disquslify a dance for AB classification.
Looks like a nice intro to NC2 tho.

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