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Heather On The Hill (Irish)

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Liselotte Øgaard (DK) - January 2024
Heather On The Hill - Nathan Evans : (iTunes)
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Intro 32 Counts – Start on the word Love.

S1. (R) Point, Point Coasterstep. (L) Point, Point Coasterstep.
1-2Point R Fwd. Point R to Right.
3&4Step back on R, Step L beside R. Step Fwd. on R.
5-6Point L Fwd, Point L to Left.
7&8Step back on L, Step R Beside L. Step Fwd. on L. (12:00).

S2. Shuffle Fwd. Rock Recover, Shuffle Back, Unwind ½ Turn Right.
1&2Step Fwd. R, step L beside R. Step Fwd. on R.
3-4Rock Fwd. on L. Recover on R.
5&6Step Back L, Step R beside L. Step back on L.
7-8Cross R Behind L, Unwind ½ R, Weigt on R. (6:00).

S3. (L) Cross Rock, Chasse. (R) Cross Rock Chasse.
1-2Cross L over R, Recover On R.
3&4Step L to L, Step R beside L. Step L to L.
5-6Cross R over L, Recover on L.
7&8Step R to R, Step L beside R. Step R to R. (6:00).
* Styling : Hands in both side*

S4. Point Fwd. L. Point L To L. Sailor ¼ Left. Stomp Fwd. R+L, Heel split, Clap x 2.
1-2Point Fwd. L. point L to L.
3&4Cross L behind R, Turn ¼ L, By stepping R to R. Step L to L.
5-6Stomp Fwd. on R. Stomp Fwd. on L
&7Split Both Heels out, Recover both Heels in. (Main weight on Left).
&8Clap your Hands x2. (3:00).

* Ending Last wall starts 6 O’clock. When you get to - Point Point Sailor ¼ .
Do the Sailor without ¼ turn (12:00) Stomp Stomp. Heelsplit *

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