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WOAH, You Found Yours

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Gwen Walker (USA) - January 2024
You Found Yours - Luke Combs
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Intro: 16 counts after beat kicks in
**2 Easy Restarts

[1-8] Rock back, Recover, Locking Triples x 2, Right step ¼ turn.
1-2Rock back on R, recover to L
3&4Step R forward at a slight right angle, step L behind R, step R forward.
5&6Step L forward at a slight left angel, step R behind L, step L forward.
7-8Step R forward, turn ¼ to left, weight on L (9:00)
*******Restart on Wall 4*******

[9-16] R crossing triple, hinge turn ¼, ¼ right, L crossing triple, side rock, recover
1&2Cross step R over L, step L to left side, cross step R over L (9:00)
3-4Step L back ¼ turn to right, step R ¼ turn to right side (3:00)
5&6Cross step L over R, step R to right side, cross step L over R.
7-8Rock R out to right side, recover to L (3:00)
*******Restart on Wall 7********

[17-24] Behind, side, cross, L side rock recover, ½ L sailor, R forward rock recover
1&2Step R behind L, step L to left side, cross step R over L.
3-4Rock L out to left side, recover to R.
5&6Step L ½ turn to left behind R, step R to right side, step L to left side (9:00)
7-8Rock forward on R, recover to L. (9:00)

[25-32] R triple back, ½ turn Triple x 2, step L back , touch R
1&2Step R back, step L beside R, step R back
3&4Step L ¼ left, step R beside L, step L ¼ left (3:00)
5&6Step R ¼ left, step L beside R, step R ¼ left (9:00)
7-8Step back on L, touch R beside L (9:00)

**2 easy restarts,
Wall 4 restart after 8 counts, facing 12:00
Wall 7 restart after 16 counts, facing 9:00

Enjoy the beautiful music
Dance from the Heart with JOY!!!!!!

Gwen Walker:

Last Update: 19 Jan 2024


Pandamomma January 18, 2024
Lovely dance. Will be teaching this at my classes.

gkw January 20, 2024
Thank you Pandamomma, I appreciate you teaching my dance, I hope all enjoy.

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