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Wildflowers Wild Horses

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Sandra Moschel (FR) - 21 January 2024
Wildflowers and Wild Horses - Lainey Wilson
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[1-8] Vine (R) - Touch - Vine (L) - Touch
1-2RF to the right - LF behind PD
3-4RF to right - Touch LF next to PD
5-6LF to left - RF behind LF
7-8LF left - Touch RF next to LF

[9-16] Heel (R and L) - Heel - Hook - Heel Heel (L and R) - Heel - Hook - Heel
1&2&Heel Rf front - Rd next to LF - Heel LF front - LF next to PD
3&4&Heel Rd front - Cross Heel Rd front left leg - Heel right front - right side next to left
5&6&Heel LF front - LF next to Rd - Heel Rd front - PD next to LF
7&8&Heel LF forward - Cross Heel LF in front right leg - Heel L front - L next to the R

[17-24] Shuffle fwd (R and L) - Rocking Chair
1&2RF forward - LF next to RF - RF forward
3&4LF forward - RF next to LF - LF forward
5-6PD forward with support - Return support PG
7-8PD rear with support - Return support LF

[25-32] Paddle Turn 1/4 x2 (L) - Jazz-box cross
1-2PD forward - 1/4 turn left
3-4PD forward - 1/4 turn left
5-6Cross RF in front LF - LF back
7-8PD to the right - Cross LF in front of PD

Restart: At the 5th wall after 16 counts (2 sections)

Final: 13th wall - after the 4th count of the 3rd section: PD before - 1/2 turn to the left (12:00 p.m.)


Marie-Odile Ever JELINEK January 22, 2024
⭐️Wow⭐️ 💥 Clip magnifique Sandra, pour une bien jolie chorégraphie, qui te fait rêver le temps de cette chanson 👏 Cela va être un plaisir d' interpréter ta nouvelle chorégraphie⭐️Merci ⭐️beaucoup ⭐️ Ever~ Maddie ☘️

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