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I'm Feelin' Good

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Absolute Beginner
Michelle Wright (USA) - January 2024
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Dance starts 16 counts in
Alt songs: 22(Taylor’s version) by Taylor Swift, Do It For me by Katzir, Cry for you by September

Section 1: R&L forward step touches, R&L back step touches
1,2Step R forward into R diagonal, Touch L next to R w/ clap
3 &4Step L forward into L diagonal, Touch R next to L w/ double clap
5,6Step R back in to R back diagonal, Touch L next to R w/ clap
7 &8Step L back into L diagonal, Touch R next to L w/ double clap

Section 2: ¼ turning Grapevine, Grapevine
1,2Step R to R side, Cross L behind R
3,4¼ turn R stepping R forward, Touch L next to R
5,6Step L to L side, Cross R behind L
7,8Step L to L side, Touch R next to R

Section 3: R&L double hip bumps, Hip Bumps RLRL
1,2Step R to R side and bump hips R x2
3,4Put weight on L and bump hips L x2
5,6Bump hips R, Bump hips L
7,8Bump hips R, Bump hips L

Section 4: Rocking chair, ½ pivot, Walk RL
1,2Rock R foot forward, Recover back on L
3,4Rock R foot back, Recover forward on L
5,6Step R forward, Pivot ½ turn L putting weight on L
7,8Step R forward, Step L forward

End of dance! Any questions email

Last Update: 6 Feb 2024

2024 30 JAN 9


shirlblank January 30, 2024
Like this will be an easy teach for beginners!

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