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Sixteen Tons

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Phrased High Beginner
Colin Ghys (BEL) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - January 2024
Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford
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Intro: 8 Counts, Start at approx 7 secs
Sequence: A, A, B, A, A, B, A, A, B+, A, A, Ending

Part A
SEC 1 Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Jazzbox Cross
1-2Cross right over left, point left to left
3-4Cross left over right, point right to right
5-6Cross right over left, step left back
7-8Step right to right, cross left over right

SEC 2 Side, Touch Heel Diagonally Forward, Hold, Together, Cross, Hold, ½ Bounce Heels
&1-2Step right to right, touch left heel forward to left diagonal, hold
&3-4Step left beside right, cross right over left, hold
5-6-7-8Turn ½ left bounce both heels 4 times

SEC 3 Step, Brush, Step, Brush, Step, ½ Pivot, Step, ¼ Pivot
1-2Step right forward, brush left forward
3-4Step left forward, brush right forward
5-6Step right forward, pivot ½ left transferring weight on to left (12:00)
7-8Step right forward, pivot ¼ left transferring weight on to left (9:00)

SEC 4 Out Out, Hold, Hip Bumps, Hold, Hip Bumps x4
&1-2Step right to right, step left to left, hold
3-4Bump hips left, hold
5-6Bump hips right, bump hips left
7-8Bump hips right, bump hips left

Part B
SEC 1 Cross, Back, Back, Cross, Back, Side, Drag, Flick
1-2Cross right over left, step left back
3-4Step right back, cross left over right
5-6Step right back, step left to left
7-8Drag right towards left, flick right behind left

SEC 2 Side, Flick, Side, Touch, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1-2Step right to right, flick left behind right
3-4Step left to left, touch right beside left
5-6Step right to right, touch left beside right
7-8Step left to left, touch right beside left
Note On Part B+ Hold 2 counts before restarting with Part A

Ending Hold for Approx 10 secs, until the music restarts, then dance the first 8 counts of Part B

Last Update - 27 Jan 2024 - R1

2024 6 FEB 2 21 FEB '24 50


Colin Ghys January 30, 2024
any help ?

HENIN January 30, 2024
Une chorégraphie qui colle parfaitement à la musique ! Bravo !

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