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Life With You (CBA4LDF)

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Jamie Barnfield (UK) & Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - January 2024
Life With You - Kelsey Hart : (iTunes &
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Intro: 8 counts……Start on the word “Porch”

Back/Sweep. Behind. 1/8 Turn Right. Step/Hitch. Coaster Step. Pivot 1/2 Turn. Full Turn Left. Sweep. Cross. 1/8 Turn Right.
1,2&Step Right back sweeping Left from front to Back. Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to side turning 1/8 Right.
3,4&Step Left forward hitching Right knee up. Step Right back. Step Left beside Right. (1.30)
*** Restart 3 (with step change) during wall 5 See bottom of script.
5 – 6Step forward on Right. Pivot 1/2 turn with weight down on Left. (7.30)
&71/2 Turn Left stepping Right back. 1/2 Turn Left stepping Left forward sweeping Right from back to front. (7.30)
8&Cross Right over Left. Turn 1/8 Right stepping Left back.

Back Rock. 1/2 Turn Left. Back Rock. 1/4 Turn Right. Behind. Sweep. Left Sailor Step. Forward Rock.
1,2&Rock Right back. Recover forward on Left. Turn 1/2 turn Left stepping Right back.
3,4&Rock Left back. Recover forward on Right. Turn 1/4 Right stepping Left to Left side.
5Cross Right behind Left sweeping Left from front to back.
6&7Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side. Step Left forward.
8&Rock Right forward. Recover weight on Left.
**Restart 2 Here on Wall 3 facing 6.00

Back. Step. Lock. Step. Sailor 3/4 Turn Right. 3/4 Turn Shuffle. Cross Rock. 1/4 Turn Right.
1,2&Step back on Right. Step Left back. Lock Right across Left.
3Step Left back sweeping Right from front to back.
4&5Cross Right behind Left turning 1/2 Right. Step Left beside Right. Turn 1/4 Right crossing Right over Left.
6&7Turn 3/8 Turn Left stepping Left forward (10.30) Close Right beside Left. Turn 3/8 Turn Left stepping Left forward as you sweep Right from back to front. (6.00).
8&1Cross Right over Left. Recover weight on Left. Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right forward (9.00)

Step. 3/4 Turn Right. Drag. Touch. Back. Coaster Step. Pivot 1/2, (1/2)
2&Step Left forward. Pivot 3/4 Turn Right.
3 – 4Step big step to Left side. Drag Right up towards Left touch Right beside Left (weight remains on Left).
*Restart 1 Here on Wall 2 facing 12.00
5Step big step back on Right dragging Left towards Right.
6&7Step back on Left. Close Right next to Left. Step forward on Left.
8&(1) Step Right forward. Pivot ½ Left. (Make a further 1/2 turn as you step back to start again).
Non-Turning Option for Counts 8&1: Rock Right forward. Recover weight on Left.

*** Restart 3 (with step change) during wall 5 facing 12.00 Wall.
Sway Forward. Sway Back.
5 - 6Step forward on Right swaying Right hip forward. Recover weight back on Left swaying Left hip back.
Note: To restart the dance square up to the 12.00 Wall by stepping back on the Right and sweeping the Left

Last Update: 30 Jan 2024

2024 6 FEB 8


ROSIE February 1, 2024
Beautiful dance 🤗

Jean February 2, 2024
Lovely nightclub from the Crystal Boots.

Slong February 2, 2024
Class love this one. A beautiful dance to a fabulous track. Well done Jamie and Karl 💕

Jane cooper February 3, 2024
Beautiful song and dance, love it guys

anniemac February 10, 2024
Beautiful love it!

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