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Turn on the Radio

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High Beginner
Nancy Hins (CAN) - February 2024
Turn On The Radio (Tracy Young Remix) - Reba McEntire
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Intro : 32 counts
Restart : No
Tag : 1 little Tag
The tag is easy : Both arms up, you snap 4 times going down.
The tag will occurs at the end of wall 4, facing 12:00 and at the end of wall 8, facing 12:00
Final : Wall 12 is your last wall and will start facing 9:00.
The dance will finish naturally facing 12:00, add the tag for the final, Voilà!

Sec 1 Point, Together, Point, Together, 1/4 R turn on heels, Cross arms, Open arms
1-4Point RF to side (1), Together (2), Point LF to side (3), Together (4)
5-6On both heels, turn twice to make a 1/4 R turn (5-6)
7-8Cross both arms and snap (7), Open both arms and snap (8)

Sec 2 Shuffle forward, Shuffle forward, Stomp, Stomp, Swivel R heel, Recover, Swivel L heel, Recover
1&2RF forward (1), Lock LF behind RF (&), RF forward (2)
3&4LF forward (3), Lock RF behind LF (&), LF forward (4)
5-6Stomp RF to right side (5), Stomp LF to left side (6)
&7Swivel R heel to left (&), Swivel R heel to right to recover (7)
&8Swivel L heel to right (&), Swivel L heel to left to recover (8)

Sec 3 Back, Back, Clap, Back, Back, Clap, Jazz Box 1/4 R turn
&1-2RF back (&), LF back (1), Clap both sides of legs (2)
&3-4RF back (&), LF back (3), Clap both sides of legs (4)
5-8Cross RF over LF (5), 1/4 R turn on LF (6), RF to side (7), LF cross over RF (8) (face 9:00)

Sec 4 Forward, Bounce X3, Weave to left
1-4RF forward (1), Bounce 3 times to make a L 1/4 turn (2-3-4) (w.o. LF) (face 6:00)
5-8Cross RF over LF (5), LF to left (6), RF behind (7), LF to left (8)

Have fun with this cute dance!

AreaVog - Le studio de danse en ligne urbaine
February 2024


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