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Electric Energy

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Aurora de Jong (USA) - February 2024
Electric Energy - Ariana DeBose, Boy George & Nile Rodgers
Wonderful - Burna Boy
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**2 easy restarts after 16 counts during walls 3 and 7
Dance starts after 12 counts (some versions have 16 counts of intro)

Alternate track: Wonderful by Burna Boy (119 bpm) (96 count intro, dance starts at 49 sec; optional intro steps after 64 counts of intro - first 32 counts of dance at 33 sec.)
No tags or restarts if using alternate track.

Moving to the right step RLR and extend L heel to left diagonal, forward touch back touch
1-2With body angled to the right diagonal, but moving toward 3:00, step R to right (1), step L across R (2)
3-4Step R to right (3), extend L heel to left diagonal (slightly pivoting on R foot) (4)
5-6Step L forward (5), touch R toe to L (6)
7-8Step R back (7), touch L heel to R (8)

Moving to the left, step LRL and extend R heel to right diagonal, forward touch back touch
1-2With body angled to the left diagonal, but moving toward 9:00, step L to left (1), step R across L (2)
3-4Step L to left (3), extend R heel to right diagonal (slightly pivoting on L foot) (4)
5-6Step R forward (5), touch L toe to R (6)
7-8Step L back (7), touch R heel to L (8)

Diagonal step touches back (2x), modified right grapevine ¼ right (*non-turning option for counts 5-8: R grapevine touch)
1-2Step R diagonally back (1), touch L to R (2)
3-4Step L diagonally back (3), touch R to L (4)
5-6Step R to right (5), step L behind R (6)
7-8Step R forward turning ¼ right (7),step L forward (8) (3:00)

½ pivot right, L side step ¼ right, R rock back, diagonal shuffles forward (2x) (*non-turning option for counts 1-4: L nightclub basic)
1-2Pivot ½ right, putting weigh to R (1)(9:00), step L to left turning ¼ right (2) (12:00)
3-4Rock R back (3), recover to L (4)
5&6Step R forward, slightly to right (5), step L to R(&), step R forward, slightly to right (6)
7&8Step L forward, slight to left (7), step R to L (&), step L forward, slightly to left (8)

Stomp RL in place, reach arms in air, bring arms down snapping 4x, and bouncing heels
1-2Stomp R in place, squaring to 12:00) (1), stomp L next to R (2)
3-4Raise your arms above your head (3), hold (4)
5-6Snap fingers (or jazz hands if you can’t snap) and bounce heels (5), snap fingers, moving arms straight out to the side, and bounce heels (6)
7-8Snap fingers, moving arms lower, and bounce heels (7), snap fingers, moving arms down to your side, and bounce heels (8)

Forward points RLR clap 2x, LRL clap 2x, hitching L
1&2&Point your R toe forward (1), replace (&), point your L toe forward (2), replace (&)
3&4&Point R toe forward (3), clap (&), clap (4), replace R foot (&)
5&6&Point L toe forward (5), replace (&), point R toe forward (6), replace (&)
7&8Point L toe forward (7), clap (&), clap and low hitch L over R (8)

Forward touch, back hitch, shuffle forward, pivot ½ left
1-2Step L forward (1), touch R toe to L (2)
3-4Step R back (3), low hitch L over R (4)
5&6Shuffle forward LRL
7-8Step R forward (7), pivot ½ left, putting weight to L (8) (6:00)

R shuffle forward, L jazz box touch, R point, flick
1&2Shuffle forward RLR
3-4Step L forward in front of R (3), step R back (4)
5-6Step L to left (5), touch R to L (6)
7-8Point R to right (7), flick R behind L (8)

Dance ends at 12:00 after Wall 8! Enjoy!

If using alternate track: Dance ends at end of Wall 5 - change counts 7-8 to 1/2 right Monterey turn to end at 12:00

Last Update: 11 Feb 2024


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