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Denny Jay Naim (INA), Hapiz Hamzah (INA) & Neva (INA) - February 2024
Fire! - Alan Walker, JVKE & YUQI
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Start Dancing after 40 Count

Sec 1: Side, Rock, Forward Lock Shuffle, Fan, Back Lock Shuffle
1-3Step LF to L side (1), Step RF to back, weight on RF (2), Transfer weight on LF (3)
4&5Step RF Forward(4), Lock LF behind RF (n), Step RF Forward (5)
6-7Cross LF Forward (6), ¼ L Turn step RF back (09.00))(7)
8&1Step LF Back (8), Lock RF over LF (&), Step LF back (1)

Sec 2: Back Rock, Flick, Forward Lock Shuffle, Rock Forward, ¼ L Sailor step
2-3Step RF back (2), Flick RF (3)
4&5Step RF Forward(4), LockLF behind RF (n), Step RF Forward (5)
6-7Step LF Forward (6), Recover on LF (7)
8&1¼ Left turn sweep LF behind RF (06.00) (8), Step RF to side (&), Step LF to L side (1)

Sec 3: Hold, Ball side, Touch, Rolling Vine, Touch
2&3Hold on LF (2), Step Ball Rf beside LF (&), Step LF to L side (3)
4Touch on RF (4)
5-7¼ Turn R Step RF Forward (09.00)(5), ½ Turn R Step LF back (03.00)(6), ¼ R Turn step RF side(06.00) (7)
8Touch on LF (8)

Sec 4: ¼ L Diamond, Touch, Side Rock, ¼ R Gravine, Touch
1&2Cross LF over RF(1), Step RF back diagonally(04.30)(&), Step LF Back (2)
3&4Step Rf back (3), Step LF back (&), Step RF forward(03.00)(4)
5-6Step LF Side (5), Recover on RF(6)
7&8Cross LF behind RF(7), ¼ R step RF Forward(06.00)(&), Touch on LF (8)

Tag: 8 count, after wall 3 (06.00)
Side Rock, Waeve R-L
1-3&4Step LF to L side(1), Recover to RF(2), Step LF back(3),Step RF to R side (&), Step LF forward (4)
5-7&8Step RF to R side(5), Recover to LF(6), Step RF back(7),Step LF to L side (&), Step RF forward (8)

Last Update - 7 Feb. 2024 - R1


Marchy Susilani February 7, 2024
Vote 7

Newbee February 7, 2024
Love it

Newbee February 7, 2024
Nice choreo , love it

RIco Yusran February 8, 2024

Nv February 8, 2024
Thank you so much, have a great dancing days πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ»

Koes February 8, 2024

Tya Paw March 8, 2024
Vote 23πŸ‘

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