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Rebelde Amor

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Denny Jay Naim (INA) & Noor Tsaniyah (INA) - February 2024
Rebelde Amor - Belle Perez
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Start Dancing after 16C

S1: Basic Step Side Bachata, hip bump (R, L)
1 - 2Step RF to R side, close LF together RF
3 - 4Step RF to R side, touch LF beside RF With bump hip to R, bump hip to L
5 - 6Step LF to L side, Close RF together LF
7 - 8Step LF to L side, touch RF beside LF with bump hip to L, bump hio to R

S2 : Basic Bachata Fwd & Back
1 - 4Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd, step RF fwd, Touch LF together RF
5 - 8step LF back, step RF back, step LF back, Touch RF together LF

S3: 1/4 R turn Jazzbox, 1/2 pivot turn L, Fwd Shuffle
1 - 4Cross RF over LF, 1/4 turn R, Step LF back, steo RF to R, Step LF fwd
5 - 6Step RF turn 1/2 L.
7&8step RF fwd, step LF Close beside RF, Step RF fwd

S4 : L Lateral Basic ( Side Recover Close Touch Bump ), Fwd Rock Recover, Sway
1 - 4LF step to L side, recover weight on R, LF close next to RF, RF beside LF with touch R bump hip to L, bump hip to R
5 - 6RF step fwd, Recover weight on L
7 - 8RF step to R side sway R - L

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Marchy Susilani February 10, 2024
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Cona February 10, 2024
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Sania March 22, 2024
Thank you Marchy Susilani, Cona

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