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Barefoot and Buckwild

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Angie Harriss (AUS) - January 2024
Barefoot and Buckwild - Lauren Alaina
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Intro: 32 Counts, start after “alright”

Right heel brush up, vine to the right
1-2Right heel brush up to left knee
3-4Step right heel, touch right toe beside left foot
5-6Step right foot to the right side, step left foot behind right foot
7-8Step right foot to right side, touch left toe next to right foot.

Left heel brush up, vine to the Left
1-2Left heel brush up to right knee
3-4Step left heel, touch left toe beside right foot
5-6Step left foot to the left side, step right foot behind left foot
7-8Step left foot to left side, touch right toe next to left foot.

Cross rock, quarter turn and shuffle, step forward left, cross shuffle quarter turn
1-2Cross right foot over left foot (stamp), step back on left foot
3-4Turning quarter turn right, shuffle to the right (right left right) (3 o’clock)
5-6Step forward left foot, turning quarter turn right, step on right (6 o’clock)
7-8Shuffle left foot across right, left right left

Rock forward on right, half turn right, shuffle forward, rock forward left, back coaster step
1-2Rock forward on right foot, rock back on left foot
3&4Turn on right, half turn shuffle forward right left right (12 o’clock)
5-6Rock forward on the left foot, rock back on the right foot
7&8Step back on the left foot, step back right foot beside left foot step left foot forward

Shuffle right, rock back, shuffle left, rock back
1&2Shuffle right to right side, right left right
3-4Rock back on left, rock forward on right
5-6Shuffle left to left side, left right left
7-8Rock back on right, rock forward on left

Cross step, point, box step
1-2Cross right over left, point left toe to left side,
3-4Cross left over right, point right toe to right side
5-6Cross right over left, step back on left,
7-8Step right foot to right side, step left foot beside right.

Repeat last eight counts of dance at the end of walls 2 and 4
Style changes:
Rolling vines in replacement of normal vines


Thanks Angie Harriss.


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