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Hillbilly Jesus

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Beginner - Country
Mary Beth Hurst (USA) - December 2023
If Jesus Walked the World Today - Alan Jackson
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Intro. 32 cts

Alternating Forward Walking Scuffs with Jazz Boxes Traveling Backwards
1-4Step R forward, Scuff L heel forward, Step L forward, Scuff R heel forward
5-8Cross R step over L, L step back, open R to side, Scuff L heel forward
9-12Step L, Scuff R heel forward, Step R forward. Scuff L forward
13-16Cross L step over R, R step back, open L to side, Scuff R heel forward
17-20Cross R step over L, Step L backward, open R to side, scuff L heel forward
21-24Cross L step over R, Step R backwards, open L to side, scuff R heel forward

Forward/Back Sway, Forward step slide step tap, Slap R knee 3 x’s
25-28Step R forward, tap L next to R, step L backward, tap R beside L
29-32Step R forward, Slide L to R, Step R forward, tap L next to R
33-38Step L backwards, Slap lifted R knee and recover 3 times

¾ counter-clockwise turn while slapping feet or knees and end 3 O'clock
39-48Step side R ¼ turn to L, slap L foot crossed behind R leg, step L to side, Slap R foot crossed behind L, Step side R ¼ turn to L, slap L foot crossed behind R, step L to side, slap R knee, step side R ¼ turn to L, Hitch L knee to side

Left Grapevine, scuff, Right forward Lock, scuff
49-56Step L side, cross R behind, Step L side, R forward scuff, R forward step, lock L forward behind R, step R forward, scuff L forward

Left Rock forward, Drag Right, ¼ turn to 6 O’clock, Side Rock, ¼ turn to 9 O’clock, Hitch
57-64Step L forward rock, recover R, step L backwards dragging R backwards for 2 cts, ¼ turn to R and step R side rock, recover L, ¼ turn R pulling feet almost together, R knee forward hitch

One restart after count 16 on the 2nd time through.


Meimei February 10, 2024
Yehawww Mary 💪🏽💪🏽💃

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