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The Door

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K. Sholes (USA) & Shirley Blankenship (USA) - February 2024
The Door - Teddy Swims
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Section #1: Touches X4, Grapevine
1-4Touch R toe out-in-out-in,
5-8Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side, Touch L next to R.

Section #2: Touches X4, Grapevine
1-4Touch L toe out-in-out-in,
5-8Step L to side, Step R behind L, Step L to side, Touch R next to L.

Section #3: Step, Slide, Bounce, Bounce X2
1-4Step R diagonally forward right, Slide L next to R, Bounce twice,
5-8Step L diagonally forward left, Slide R next to L, Bounce twice.

Section #4: 1/4 Pivot X2, Rocking chair
1-4Step R forward, Pivot 1/4 left, Step R forward, Pivot 1/4 left,
5-8Rock R forward, Recover L, Rock R back, Recover L.

Begin again! It’s All About Fun!


Brenda Holcomb February 9, 2024
Nice easy for beginners

K.K. February 9, 2024
Thank you, Brenda! 😍

shirlblank February 9, 2024
Thank you , Brenda 😊

Stayin Alive February 9, 2024
Nice dance, love it for my AB class. Thank you for the lovely demo.

K.K. February 10, 2024
🙏🏻 thank you, Stayin Alive! 😘

Miske February 10, 2024

K.K. February 10, 2024
Thanks so much, Miske! 😘

LocketMK February 10, 2024
This start the same as that honky tonk highway [maggie shipley]? Never understand why people do this.. copy popular dances..

shirlblank February 10, 2024
LocketMK Sorry you feel this way, But if you look at the lists of dances on cooperknob a lot starts the same there's only so many steps to use in a dance!

K.K. February 10, 2024
Well LocketMK, great minds must think alike as I have never even seen Honky Tonk Highway & if line dances don’t use the same steps there wouldn’t be very many dances, would there? Perhaps you would give an example of your original choreography that doesn’t use a line dance step that has been used before…take your time, I’ll wait. 😘

SusanAtkinsDance February 10, 2024
Sorry! Have to agree with above! Same steps are used in dances but honkytonk high way just got nominated for a boot and half the dance is exactly the same. 😬 Good luck.

Line Dance With Paul February 10, 2024
Many beginner Line Dance use similar steps either at beginning or end of the dance.

K.K. February 10, 2024
Thank you for your good wishes, SusanAtkinsDance, & congratulations to Honky Tonk Hwy…but I do not choreograph dances for awards, I choreograph dances to have easy steps for my classes (& other’s if they choose to do them) to dance to a specific piece of music. If a person does not choose to pick our dance then go on to another, but criticism of a dance that has steps that another dance uses is redundant as many dances have the same steps. I’m certain that if you research you will find that Honky Tonk Hwy was not the 1st dance to use these same steps & will not be the last. Have a good day! 😍

K.K. February 10, 2024
Thank you, Line Dance with Paul. 🥰 I have never checked out Honky Tonk Hwy so I had no idea that that the steps were similar, but from what some are stating here every dance that begins with a Grapevine is trying to “steal” steps from Elvira. Makes no sense as there would be no new choreography if steps weren’t repeated. We appreciate your support. 🙏🏻

marychrismcconnell February 10, 2024
Love it

shirlblank February 11, 2024
Thank you marychrismccomell, appreciate your like 😊

Novi3NLD February 12, 2024

K.K. February 12, 2024
Thank you so much, Novi3NDL! 😘

Line Dance With Paul February 13, 2024
Many beginner line dance have limited steps. Many have similar beginning middle or ending steps. Many have a K Step at start, middle or ending. Many end with vine right and vine 1/4 left.

shirlblank February 13, 2024
That's what I tried to suggest especially if it’s a or low beginner

Line Dance With Paul February 13, 2024
Completely AB Ave Gin & Tonic also has a Step, Slide, Bounce, Bounce X2

V&V Danzz February 15, 2024

K.K. February 15, 2024
Thank you very much, V&V Danzz! 😘 Great video!

Carmi February 17, 2024
Nice and easy beginners line dance. Best of luck! Keep dancing and enjoy.

K.K. February 17, 2024
Thank you so very much, Carmi! 😘

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