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Like I Do

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Low intermediate
Dewi Wulandari (INA) - February 2024
Like I Do - J.Tajor
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Section 1 : Kick Ball Side point R L, Rocking Chair
1 2R kick ,together & ball of R, L point to side
3 4L kick,together & ball of L, R side point to side
5 6R forward recover on L
7 8R back recover on L

Section 2 : Forward, Side Touch, R L, Back, side touch R L
1 2R forward L side touch
3 4L forward R side touch
5 6R back L side touch
7 8L back R side touch

Section 3 : Hip Roll to R, Touch ,Hip roll to L, Touch, Side Rock Syncopated
1 2Hip roll to R,L touch beside R
3 4Hip roll to L, R touch beside L
5 6&R side recover on L, R step beside L
7 8&L side recover on R, L step beside R

Section 4 : Monterey, Tic Toc 1/4 L, Tic toc 1/4 R
1 2R side touch, turn 1/4 R ,R beside L
3 4 L side touch, L beside R
5&6R forward swivel L Heel in, swivel R heel out, Hitch L Knee ( turn 1/4 to L )
7&8L step, swivel R heel in, Swivel L heel out, Hitch R knee ( turb 1/4 R )

Happy Dancing

Last Update: 23 Feb 2024


Marchy Susilani February 11, 2024
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Dedew February 12, 2024
Teeimakadih bunda marchy susilani

Nda February 18, 2024

RiLo February 21, 2024
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