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The Heat Is On

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Anna Molitor (DE) - February 2024
The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey
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Intro: 4x8 Counts (Start with the vocals on „ON“)

Restarts: Wall 4 after Count 24; Wall 8 after Count 24

Tag: Wall 5 after Count 32; Wall 9 after Count 32
1 2Double Heel Point with RF forward
3 4Double Tap with RF crossing the left foot

Section 1: K-Step; Flick
1 2RF diagonal forward, LF touch to RF (Double Clap on 2&)
3 4LF diagonal backwards, RF touch to LF (Clap on 4)
5 6RF diagonal backwards, LF touch to RF (Double Clap on 6&)
7 8LF diagonal forward, flick right foot back behind left leg (Clap on 8)

Section 2: Side; Behind Cross; Side; Walk forward; Walks and Points
1 2RF Step to right side, LF Step behind RF
3 4RF Step to right side and turn ¼ to right, LF Walk forward
5 6RF Step forward, LF Point to left side
7 8LF Step forward, RF Point to right side

Section 3: Jazz Box; Heel Bounces
1 2Cross RF over LF, Step LF back
3 4RF Step forward, turn ¼ to right and step LF forward
5 6RF Step forward, Bounce heels
7 8Bounce heels twice and turn ¼ to left

Section 4: Weave; Rocking Chair
1 2Cross RF over LF, LF Step to left side
3 4Cross RF behind left, LF Step to left side and turn 1/8 to left
5 6Rock RF diagonal forward, Recover on LF
7 8Rock RF back, Recover on LF


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