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Wanna Be Your Rain

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Jace Hinton (USA) - February 2024
I Could Be That Rain - Randall King
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Intro-16 Counts after guitar starts , Approx~ 17 seconds
There are no lyrics on the first count.

(1-8) R Nightclub Basic, Side Rock Cross, Sway R L, ½ Turn Run RLR, Sweep
1,2&Big step R with RF (1), Close LF behind RF (2), Cross RF over LF (&).
3&4Step and rock LF to L side (3), Recover weight to RF (&), Cross LF over RF (4).
5,6Step RF to R side and sway body to R side (5), Sway body to left side taking weight to LF (6).
7&8Making a ½ turn to the R, Step RF forward (7), Step LF forward (&), Step RF forward while sweeping LF around from back to front (starting your serpiente)(8). (6:00)
Restart happens here on the 3rd wall you will be facing 12:00. See below for details.

(9-16) Serpiente, Behind-Side-Cross, ½ Monterey Turn, ⅛ Scissor Step
1&2Cross LF slightly in front of RF (1), Step RF to R side (&), Step LF slightly behind RF while sweeping RF from front to back (2).
3&4Cross RF behind LF (3), Step LF to L side (&), Cross RF over LF (4).
5,6Point LF to L side (5), Bring LF in next to RF while making a ½ turn over L shoulder (6). (12:00)
7&8&Step RF to R side (7), Step LF next to RF (&), Cross RF over LF making an ⅛ turn to the L diagonal (8), Step LF forward (&). (10:30)

(17-24) ¼ Turn Drag, Back Rock, Recover, Chase ½ Turn, Full Turn Hitch, Back Lock Step
1,2,3Making a ¼ turn to the R (1), Step RF back and drag LF back, Rock back on LF(2), Recover weight to RF (3). (1:30)
4&5Step LF forward (4), Make a ½ turn to R Step RF next to LF (&), Step LF forward (5). (7:30)
6&7Step RF forward starting your full turn (6), Step LF back making a ½ turn L (&), Step RF forward making a ½ turn L and hitch/swing L leg forward (7).
8&1Swing LF down and Step LF back (8), Cross RF slightly over LF (&), Step LF back (1). (7:30)
Non-turning option: on counts 6&7, step RF forward (6), Step LF next to RF (&), Step RF forward while sweeping/ hitch L leg up.

(25-32) ½ Turn Shuffle, ½ Turn L Nightclub Basic, Sway R L, Rolling Vine
2&3Make a ½ turn R step RF forward (2), Step LF next to RF (&), Step RF forward(3).
4,5&Step LF to L side making a ⅜ turn to square up to the 6:00 wall (4), Close RF behind LF (5), Cross LF over RF (&). (6:00)
6,7⅛ Turn sway Body to R (6), Sway Body to LF taking weight to LF (7).
8&1Make a ¼ turn R stepping RF forward (8), Make a ¼ turn R stepping LF to L side (&), Make a ½ turn R, Stepping RF to R side to begin the R nc basic (1). (6:00)
Non-turning option: After your Sway left, on counts 8&1, step RF to R side, step LF next to Rf, big step to R side with RF starting your R nc basic.

RESTART: Restart happens on the 3rd wall, you will dance the first 8 counts and add an extra & count, so instead of 7&8, it will be 7&8&. You will take an extra step with your left foot forward to get your weight to your left foot. Restart with the R basic.



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