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I'm Gonna Dance All Night

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Easy Intermediate
Mike Wilson (USA) & Aurora de Jong (USA) - February 2024
Tears Will Dry - Fleur East
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Restart after 16 Counts on Walls 4 and 8; No Tags
See optional styling for Walls 3, 7, 10, and 11.

Start after 16 counts

[1-8]: Walk Forward R-L; Angle Left with Ball R-Cross L; Step forward R; Forward Rock L-Recover R; Shuffle Back LRL.
1 2Walk forward R; Walk forward L
&3Angle body ¼ to left (9:00) and step on ball of R; Cross L over R
4Square back up to 12:00 and step forward on R
5 6Rock forward L; Recover R
7&8Shuffle back LRL

[9-16]: Turn ¼ Right (3:00) Stepping R to Right Side; HOLD; Ball L-Step R to Right Side; Touch; Forward Rock L-Recover R (with Hip Sways); Shuffle Forward LRL.
1Turn ¼ Right (3:00) stepping R to right side
&3Step L next to R; Step R to right side
4Touch L next to R
5 6Push L hip forward rocking forward on L foot; Push R hip back recovering onto R foot.
7&8Shuffle forward LRL
* Restart on Walls 4 and 8.

[17-24]: Forward Rock R-Recover L; Step Back R; Touch L heel forward; Step L forward; Step R forward; Pivot ¼ Left (12:00); Cross R-Side L-Behind R while beginning Hitch Sweep.
1 2Rock forward on R; Recover on L
&3Step back on R; Touch L heel forward
4Step forward on L
5 6Step forward on R; Make ¼ turn left (12:00) taking weight onto L
7&8Cross R over L; Step L to left side; Step R behind L and begin sweeping L foot in a hitch from forward to back (landing on count 2 of next set of 8)

[25-32]: (Continue Hitch Sweep); Step L behind R; ¼ Turn Right (3:00) Stepping R Step Forward; L Step; Pivot ½ Turn Right (9:00); L Step; Full Turn Left (R-L)
1(Continue hitch sweeping L from front to back)
2Step L behind R
3Turn ¼ right (3:00) stepping R forward
4 5Step forward on L; Turn ½ right (9:00) taking weight on R
6Step forward on L
7 8Turn ½ left (3:00) stepping R back; Turn ½ left (9:00) stepping L forward

Restarts happen on Walls 4 and 8 after 16 counts. On these walls, the lyrics will consist only of La-La-La, so use that as your cue that your restart is about to happen.

Optional Variation: On walls 3, 7, 10, and 11 we have replaced counts 9-12 with an optional rolling vine. These walls always happen on the chorus, so use the words “Tears Will Dry” as your cue to do a rolling vine. For example, if you have just shuffled back LRL facing 12:00, the optional counts would be as follows:
9Turn ½ right (6:00) stepping R forward
10Turn ½ right (12:00) stepping L back
11Turn ¼ right (3:00) stepping R to Right Side
12Touch L next to R

Dance will end at the end of Wall 12 facing 12:00.

For any questions or comments, contact:
Mike Wilson:
Aurora de Jong:

Last Update: 16 Feb 2024


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