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Praying and Hoping

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Martijn De Clerck (NL) - February 2024
Creek Will Rise - Conner Smith
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Point, kick, weave ¼, stomp right and left
1RF Point out
2RF Kick forward
3RF Cross over LF
4LF Step beside RF
5RF Step behind LF
6LF Step ¼ left (09.00)
7RF Stomp forward
8LF Stomp forward

Rockstep, ½ turn, hitch, rumbabox fwd, scuff
1RF Rock forward
2LF Rock back
3RF Turn ½ to the right (03.00)
4LF Hitch
5LF Step aside
6RF Step next to LF
7LF Step forward
8RF Scuff

Stomp, swivels, rockstep back, 2 x kicks
1RF Stomp diagonal forward
2LF Swivel heel to RF
3LF Swivel toe toe RF
4LF Swivel heel to RF
5LF Rock back with jump
6RF Rock forward
7LF Kick
8LF Kick

Step back diagonal, touch, step fwd, scuff, jazzbox with ½ turn, touch
1LF Step diagonal back
2RF Touch beside LF
3RF Step forward
4LF Scuff
5LF Cross over RF
6RF Step ¼ back (12.00)
7LF Step ¼ aside (09.00)
8RF Touch beside LF

Toe struts back x 2, pivot 3/4, stomp kick
1RF Touch toe back
2RF Put heel on floor
3LF Touch toe back
4LF Put heel on floor
5RF Turn ½ on the place (03.00)
6LF Turn ¼ on the place (06.00)
7RF Stomp
8RF Kick

Behind, side, forward ¼, kick, coasterstep, scuff
1RF Step behind LF
2LF Step aside RF
3RF Step ¼ forward (03.00)
4LF Kick
5LF Step back
6RF Step aside LF
7LF Step forward
8RF Scuff

Rockstep, ½ turn, full turn, scuff
1RF Rock forward
2LF Rock back
3RF Turn ½ to the right (09.00), step forward
5LF Turn ¼ forward (12.00)
6RF Turn ½ forward (06.00)
7LF Turn ¼ forward (09.00)
8RF Scuff

Rocking chair, jazzbox cross
1RF Rock forward
2LF Step back
3RF Rock back
4LF Step forward
5RF Cross over LF
6LF Step back
7RF Step aside
8LF Cross over RF
(Rocking chair can be done with jumps)

Restart at the third wall after 16 counts. Instead of a kick you’re touching instead of kicking on section 2, count 16

To end the dance, you’re at 12.00. You do the jazzbox and three stomps. 

Last Update: 12 Feb 2024


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