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Texas Hold 'Em

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Michael Richardson (USA) - February 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Intro – 24 counts
1 Tag 48 Counts into Wall 1
2 Restarts: First on Wall 1 after the tag. Second on Wall 4 after 32 counts

[1-8] Wizard/Dorothy Step, Step, ½ Sweep, Behind-Side-Cross, Side-Behind-1/4, 1/4 Sweep
1-2&Step R to right diagonal(1), Lock L behind R(2), Step R Forward(&)
3-4Step L forward(3), Turn ½ left, stepping R back sweeping L around(4) [6:00]
5&6&Step L behind R(5), Step R to right(&), Cross L over R(6), Step R to Right(&)
7&8Step L behind R(7), Turn ¼ right stepping R forward(&), Turn ¼ right stepping L to left, sweeping R from front to back(8) [12:00]

[9-16] Sailor Step x2, Pony Step, Pony Step ¼, Scuff, ½ Turn Out-Out
1&2Step R behind L(1), Rock L to left(&), Recover R to right(2)
3&4Step L behind R(3), Rock R to right(&), Recover L to left(4)
5&Step R behind L hitching L knee(5), Step L to left(&)
6&Step R behind L hitching L knee(6), Turn ¼ left stepping L forward(&) [9:00]
7Scuff R heel next to L(7)
&8Turn ½ left stepping R to right(&) Step L next to R(8) [3:00]
(Note: Pony Steps travel left)

[17-24] Cross-Rock, Side-Rock, Behind-1/4-Side, Behind-1/4-Forward, Flick, Step, Hook, Step
1&2&Rock R over L(1), Recover L in place(&), Rock R to right(2), Recover L in place(&)
3&4Step R behind L(3), Turn ¼ left, stepping L forward(&), Step R to right(4) [12:00]
5&6Step L Behind R(5), Turn ¼ right stepping R forward(&), Step L forward(6) [3:00]
&7&8Flick R behind L leg(&), Step R back(7), Hook L over R leg(&), Step L forward(8)

[25-32] ½ Pivot, ½ Turning Step-Lock-Step, Rock-Back-Recover, ¼ Pivot Cross
1-2Step R forward(1), Turn ½ left shifting weight to L(2) [9:00]
3&4Turn ¼ left stepping R to right(3), Lock L next over R(&) Turn ¼ left stepping R backward(4) [3:00]
5-6Rock L back(5), Recover forward on R(6)
7&8Turn ¼ right rocking L to left(7), Recover R next to L(&), Step L in front of R(8) [6:00]


[33-40] Glide box, ¼ Turn Weave, Step-Drag 1/4 Hook
1Step R to right(1)
2Turn ¼ left, stepping L to left(2) [3:00]
3Turn ¼ left, stepping R to right(3) [12:00]
4Turn ¼ left, stepping L to left(4) [9:00]
5&6&Turn ¼ left stepping R to right(5), Step L behind R(&), Step R to right(6), Step L across R(&) [6:00]
7-8Step R far to right and begin dragging L towards R(7), Turn ¼ left hooking L over right leg(8) [3:00]

[41-48] Wizard/Dorothy x2, Rock-Recover, ¼ Turning Sailor
1-2&Step L to left diagonal(1), Lock R behind L(2), Step L forward(&)
3-4&Step R to right diagonal(3), Lock L behind R(4), Step R forward(&)
5-6Rock L forward(5), Recover back on R(6)
7&8Turn ¼ left sweeping L to back(7), Step R next to L(&),Step L forward(8) [12:00]

*** TAG HERE DURING WALL 1 – See notes at bottom***

[49-56] Jazz Box, Hook, Side-Shuffle, Cross Rock-Recover
1-2-3-4Cross R over L(1), Step L back(2), Step R to right(3), Hook L over R leg(4)
5&6Step L to left(5), Step R next to L(&), Step L to left(6)
7-8Rock R over L(7), Recover L in place(8)

[57-64] Rolling Vine, Heel Switches, ½ Pivot
1-2Turn ¼ right stepping R forward(1), Turn ½ right stepping L back(2) [9:00]
3-4Turn ¼ right stepping R to right(3), Stomp L next to R(4) [12:00]
5&6&Tap R heel forward(5), Step R next to L(&) Tap L heel forward(6) Step L next to R(&)
7-8Step R forward(7), Turn ½ left shifting weight to L(8) [6:00]

[4 COUNT TAG – Wall 1 after 48th count. Complete the tag, and restart] ½ Pivot x2
1-2Step R forward(1), Turn ½ left shifting weight to L(2) [6:00]
3-4Step R forward(3), Turn ½ left shifting weight to L(4) [12:00]

Have fun and thank you!!!

M.C. Richardson –

Last Update: 13 Feb 2024


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