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Texas Hold 'Em

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Phrased Intermediate
Nicole Meeks (USA) - February 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Sequence: A,A,B,Mini Tag,A,A,Tag,A,A,B,B,A,A,A,A,Tag,A,A,B,B,A,A,A,A

Section A: 16c
Walk, Walk and toe and heel, Walk Walk and toe and heel
1Walk R
2Walk L
&3Step R, tap left toe
&4step L, tap R heel
&5ball R, step L
6Walk R
&7Step L, tap right toe
&8Step R, tap Left heel

Ball Change, Pivot, Step, Pivot, Jazz square
&1ball L, step R
2 180pivot
3step R
4 90pivot
5cross R over L
6step L out
7step R out
8step L together

Section B: 16c
Weave with point, stepping turn, push hop
1step R to the R
2Step L behind R
&Step R to the R
3Cross L infront of R
&step R to the R
4Point L to the Left (option finger points to the right)
5Step L forward, turning 90 to the left
6Step R forward, turning 90
7Step Left together to R, turning 90
8small hop back with both feet together (optional hands on back of waist)

Toe Swivels, heel hitch, step pivot, step together
&1Right ball, step out L
&2toe swivel on ground
&3Left ball, step out R
&4hitch R knee up and back down
&5Right foot back, L forward
6pivot 90 to the right
7step R in
8step L in

Mini Tag
1,2,3, 4hips sway R and L

Hip Bumps, Grapevine slap, Turning Shuffles, step touch
1,2Step R to the R and Hip bumps R
3,4Hip bumps L
5Step R to the R
6step L behind R
7Step R to the R
8Flick L foot behind R leg and slap foot with right hand

1,2Turn 90 to L and Shuffle L
3,4Turn 180 to L and Shuffle R
5Step L turning 90
6Step R together
7Step R to the R
8Step L together

Repeat to Left Side
1,2step L to left and Hip bumps L
3,4Hip bumps R
5Step L to the L
6step R behind L
7Step L to the L
8Flick R foot behind L leg and slap foot with left hand

1,2Turn 90 to R and Shuffle R
3,4Turn 180 to R and Shuffle L
5Step R turning 90
6Step L together
7Step L to the L
8Step R together

Instagram: dancing_with_nicole


Steph Davis February 20, 2024
I love this so much!

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