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High Beginner / Improver
Tara Bianco (USA), Mackenzie Keister (USA) & Adia Nuno (USA) - February 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Notes: HAVE FUN!

Section 1 - (Counts 1-8) WALK, WALK, OUT OUT IN IN, HEEL SWITCHES, ¼ HITCH
1,2R walk forward, L walk forward
&3&4Step R out to R side, Step L out to L Side, Bring R back to Center, Bring L back to Center
5&6&R Heel, R to Center, L Heel, L to Center,
7,8R heel scuff ¼ turn R with hitch, step R forward

Section 2- (Counts 9-16) STEP, LOCK, STEP, LOCK, STEP, ¼ PADDLE, ¼ PADDLE
1,2,3&4L step forward, R lock behind left, L step forward, R lock behind left, L step forward
5,6,7,8R step forward, ¼ pivot over L shoulder (LF takes weight), R step forward, ¼ pivot over L shoulder (LF takes weight)
● Styling Tip: roll your hips as you do the pivot turn, and use your arms like a Lasso

Section 3 (Counts 17-24) CAMEL WALKS, MAMBO, KNEE POPS, MAMBO
1,2Scoot forward into RF while popping L knee, Scoot forward into LF while popping R knee
(*Styling Tip: add Beyoncé arms by reaching your right arm towards your right foot while bringing your left hand towards your left hand. Do this on each side for the camel walks)
3&4Rock forward on R, Recover weight on L, Step back on R
5,6Step back on L while popping R knee, Step back on R while popping L knee,
7&8Rock back on L, Recover weight on R, Step forward on L
*optional 7&8 as a coaster step (LRL)

Section 4 (Counts 25-32) V STEP (w/claps optional), PIVOT, KICK, STOMP STOMP
1,2,3,4Step R foot diagonally (& Clap), Step L foot diagonally (& Clap), Step R back to center (& Clap), Step L next to R (& Clap)
● Styling Tip: add a clap on the “&” count after every step in the V step)
5,6Step R forward, half pivot turn left
7&8Kick R foot forward, Bring R back to center and stomp, stomp L foot

DANCE TIP: Tag during 2nd wall. Dance the first 16 counts then do 4 camel walks. Start from beginning.

Last Update: 26 Feb 2024

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Di'mond Dancers February 17, 2024
Can we please have a video for this to follow?

dancer33 February 20, 2024
Love this xx

bbeerrtthhaa February 24, 2024
Nice one. I will teach it! February 24, 2024
On what planet does anyone think this is a top 10 in the chart. Dare I ask if

M.baker February 25, 2024
Definitely not a beginner dance

Rreed February 27, 2024
Too much for beginners

TiinaE February 27, 2024
Sorry, but NO.

DancinLizard February 27, 2024
Section 3 tip: "bringing your left hand towards your left hand"...oops

Dncnmom February 29, 2024
Best choreo out there!!

Helaine March 10, 2024
Nice choreo

edances March 12, 2024
Taught this Tonight...Fab dance, very well received...just wish I could vote 10 out of 10 instead of just 5. Great wee dance. Lots of content and plenty attitude opportunities...Well Done!! xx

Queen of dance March 21, 2024
Absolutely love the choreography and works very well to a lot of different songs. Not interested in doing it to this song.

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