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Mess It Up

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High Beginner
Dirk Leibing (DE) & Wolfgang Marten (DE) - February 2024
Mess It Up (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - The Rolling Stones & Purple Disco Machine
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Intro : 32 counts

(I) Cross, Side, Behind, Point, Cross, Turn ¼(2x), Side, Drag
1-2Cross RF in front of LF(1), Step LF left(2)
3-4Step RF behind LF(3), Point LF left(4)
5-6Cross LF in front of RF(5), Turn ¼ left stepping RF back(9:00)
7-8Turn ¼ left stepping LF left(7)(6:00), Drag RF next to LF(8)

(II) Ball, Walk (L+R), Kick Ball Step, Step Turn, Shuffle
&1-2Step RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(1), Step RF forward(2)
3&4Kick LF forward(3), Step ball of LF next to RF(&), Step RF forward(4)
5-6Step LF forward(5), Turn ½ right weight on RF now(12:00)
7&8Step LF forward(7), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(8)

(III) Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Cross Rock, recover, Turn ¼, Turn 1/2
1-2Step RF to right diagonal(1), Lock LF behind RF(2)
3-4Step RF to right diagonal(3), Brush LF forward(4)
5-6Cross Rock LF in front of RF(5), Recover on LF(6)
7-8Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward(9:00), Turn ½ left stepping RF back(8)

(IV) Back, Drag, Slow Coaster, Cross Point(2x)
1-2Step LF back(1), Drag RF back(2)
3-4Step RF back(3), Close LF next to RF(4)
5-6Cross RF in front of LF(5), Point LF left(6)
7-8Cross LF in front of RF(7), Point RF right(8)

Start again

No Tag, No Restart

Have Fun
Dirk Leibing
Wolfgang Marten


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