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Honky Tonk Bounce

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Low Intermediate
Dan Moon (USA) - February 2024
Feels Right (I Love It) - Flo Rida & Brian Kelley
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Slide x2, Unwind 3/4 spin, Rock Recover, Behind Side Cross
1,2 -Slide diagonal R, slide diagonal L
&3,4 -Step R, touch L behind R, unwind w/ 3/4 spin (1 o’clock)
5,6 -Rock out on R, pivot L
7&8 -Step R behind, step L out, step R across L w/ 1/8 turn (facing 11 o’clock)

Step x2, Behind Side Cross, 1/4 Pivots/Booty Sway
1, 2 -Step L up as you 1/8 turn to L, Step R up (facing 9 o’clock)
3&4 -Step L behind R, step R out, step L across R
5,6,7,8 -Stepping with R, 1/4 Pivot over L, x 2 (facing 3’o clock)

Step, Fwd Mambo, Heel Grind, Coaster, Jump!
1 -Step fwd R
2&3 -Step L out, weight onto R, cross L over R (w/ heel, don’t put L foot down)
4 -L heel grind w/ 1/4 turn L
5&6 -Coaster L R L
7, 8 -Jumping fwd x2, 1/2 turn w/ each jump (12 o’clock)

Slide & Walk it Out
1,2 -Slide R
3,4 -Slide L
5,6,7,8 -Walk R L R L as you 3/4 over L shoulder (3 o’clock)


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