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Roger (leftfoot) Hunter (USA) - February 2024
What Doesn’t Kill You - Randall King
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Intro: 32 -- 2 Easy Restarts(*)(**)

S-1) Out Out In In, Vine Right W/Touch.
1-2step R forward on diagonal(1)step L forward on diagonal(2)
3-4step R back to home position(3)step L next to R(4)
5-8step R to R(5)step L behind R(6)step R to R(7)touch L next to R(8)

S-2) Vine Left W/Touch, Monterey ¼ Right.
1-4step L to L(1)step R behind L(2)step L to L(3)touch R next to L(4)
5-6point R to R(5)touch R next to L pivoting ¼ turn R(6)(3:00)
7-8point L to L(7)step L next to R(8)

S-3) Side Rock, Back Rock, Rocking Chair.
1-4rock R to R(1)recover on L(2)rock back on R(3)recover on L(4)
5-8rock forward on R(5)recover on L(6)rock back on R(7)recover on L(8)

S-4) Paddle ¼ Left X 2,Rock Recover, Step Back, Step Forward.
1-2rock R forward(1)recover on L pivoting ¼ Left(2)(12:00)
3-4rock R forward(3)recover on L pivoting ¼ Left(4)(9:00)
5-8rock R forward(5)recover on L(6)step R back(7)step L forward(8)**

S-5) Step Touch ¼ Touch x 2.
1-4step R to R(1)touch L next to R(2)step L to L ¼ turn(3)touch R next to L(4)(6:00)
5-8step R to R(5)touch L next to R(6)step L to L ¼ turn(7)touch R next to L(8)(3:00)

S-6) Walk Walk, Step ½,Walk R-L-R-L.
1-4step R forward(1)step L forward(2)rock R forward(3)pivot ½ turn L(4)*(9:00)
5-8step R forward(5)step L forward(6)step R forward(7)step L forward(8)

* 1st restart happens during wall 5 after 44 counts(9:00)
**2nd restart happens during wall 6 after 32 counts(6:00)

Comment, this dance could have a restart on wall 3 after 16 counts which requires a 32 count restart on wall 4...
If you don’t restart wall 3 you don’t need the restart on wall 4..
I wanted to keep it a beginner dance and didn’t think 4 restarts were necessary for the fun of the dance.


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