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Sheer Joy

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Charlotte Steele (SA) - February 2024
Heut' verkauf' ich meinen Mann - Ireen Sheer
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The song tells the story of a woman who decides to sell her husband at auction for 1 Euro as he never pays her any attention, he is always on his computer or attending auctions. At the auction there is only one bidder, who bids 1 kiss – her husband…and they both lived happily ever after!

This dance is dedicated to Rob & Joy van H. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary on 22 February 2024!

Intro: 32 counts. Start on vocals. No Tags or Restarts.

Sec.1 R Step-Lock-Step-Brush. L Step-Lock-Step-Brush.
1-4Step R forward slightly to right diagonal, lock L behind R, step R forward, brush L forward
5-8Step L forward slightly to left diagonal, lock R behind L, step L forward, brush R forward (12:00)

Sec.2 Jazz Box-Cross. Weave Right.
1-4Cross R over L, step L back, step R to right side, cross L over R (weight onto L)
5-8Step R to right side, step L behind R, step R to right side, cross L over R (weight onto L) (12:00)

Sec.3 Side Rock R. Cross Shuffle RLR. Side Rock L. Shuffle Forward LRL.
1-2Rock/step R to right side, recover onto L
3&4Cross R over L, small step L to left side, cross R over L
5-6Rock/step L to left side, recover onto R
7&8Step L forward, step R next to L, step L forward (weight onto L) (12:00)

Sec.4 R Tap-Tap. R Coaster Step. L Tap-Tap. L Sailor 1/4 Turn Left.
1-2Touch/tap R forward, touch/tap R to right diagonal
3&4Step R back, step L next to R, step R forward
5-6Touch/tap L forward, touch/tap L to left diagonal
7&8Cross L behind R, turn ¼ left and step R to right side, step L to left side (weight onto L) (9:00)

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Last Update: 22 Feb 2024


Zen1 February 21, 2024
Choreographer's Note: A 4-count musical bridge occurs at the end of walls 2, 6 and 9. You can (1) carry on dancing through these bridges (Beginners); or (2) pause for 4 counts with hip bumps/sways (High Beginners) and then restart the dance. The dance can then be done as a split floor with both Beginners and High Beginners.

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