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Fixing Me

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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - February 2024
Fixing Me Breaking You - River Atley
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Intro: 8 Counts, Start at approx 10 secs

SEC 1: Step Hitch, Rock, Back Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Side, ⅛ Step, 1½ Reverse Turn
1Step right forward hitching left knee
2&3Rock left forward, recover weight onto right, step left back sweeping right from front to back
4&Step right behind left, step left to left
5-6&Cross rock right over left, recover weight onto left, step right to right
7&Turn ⅛ right step left forward, turn ½ left step right back (7:30)
8&Turn ½ left step left forward, turn ½ left step right back (7:30)

SEC 2: Back Rock ½ Back, Back Rock, ⅝ Hinge Turn Lift, Side, Cross, Side, Touch, ½ Run Around Sweep
1-2&Rock left back, recover weight onto right, turn ½ right step left back (1:30)
3-4Rock right back, recover weight onto left
&5Turn ⅜ left step right back, turn ¼ left step left to left lifting right to right (6:00)
6&7&Step right to right, cross left over right, step right to right, touch left beside right
8&Turn ⅛ left step left forward, turn ⅛ left step right forward
1Turn ¼ left step left forward sweeping right from back to front (12:00)

SEC 3: ⅛ Step Lock Step ¼ Sweep, Step Lock Step, Ronde, ⅛ Jazzbox Cross, ¾ Reverse Turn
2&Turn ⅛ left step right forward, lock left behind right
3Step right forward turn ¼ right sweeping left from back to front (1:30)
4&5Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward ronde right from back to front
6&7&Cross right over left, turn ⅛ right step left back, step right to right, cross left over right (3:00)
8&Turn ¼ left step right back, turn ½ left step left forward (6:00)
(** Restart here during wall 2, facing 12.00**)

SEC 4: ¼ Nightclub Basic, Side, ½ Hinge, ¼ Run Run, Stomp, ½ Pivot, Full Spiral Turn, Run Run
1-2&Turn ¼ left step right to right, step left beside right, cross right over left (3:00)
3Step left to left turn ½ right sweeping right (9:00)
4&5Turn ¼ right step right forward, step left forward, stomp right forward (12:00)
(** Restart here during Wall 5, facing 12.00**)
6Pivot ½ left keeping weight on right (6:00)
Arms Push right hand forward
7Step left forward spiral full turn right hooking right over left (6:00)
8&Step right forward, step left forward

* NOTE * (Arm Styling if wanted)
During the chorus of the music…..
Section 2, count 1, as you Rock back L, use R hand to Wipe down your face, placing hand under your chin. (That Face)
Section 2, count 3, as you Rock back R, use both hand to cover your mouth (Tells the truth)
Section 2, count 5, as you rock L to L, place R hand on your heart (Fixing me)
Section 2, count 7, as you step R to R, cross L hand over R hand placing on R side of chest (Fixing me) this leads you to the run around as you just release your arms back to normal.

This dance is for ALL my Friends. A dance you can just let go and remember, JUST BE YOU!!

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lex's liners February 22, 2024
Absolutely beautiful dance Fred defo teaching it tomorrow xxx

dancer33 February 22, 2024
Stunning x

ROSIE April 3, 2024
Brilliant piece of choreography 🤗 taught it Tuesday 🤗

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