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Bey's 2 Step

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Phrased Improver / Intermediate
Raquel Reynolds (USA) - February 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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Description: AB Dance: AAA, TAG, BB, AAAA, BBB, AAAA, BB

#24 Count Intro

PART A: 16c
(1-8) Rt Kick Ball Change, RF Diagonal Fwd, 2 Knee Pops, LF Ball Change, ¼ Turn Left
1&2Kick RF Fwd, Step RF Back, Recover to LF
34Step RF Diagonally Fwd, Close LF to RF
56Bend both Knees and Straighten, (2 Times)
&78Step LF Back, Recover to RF, Turn ¼ Left

(9-16) 4 Skate Steps Fwd, Left ½ Pivot Turn, RF Fwd, LF Fwd
1234Step RF Fwd Swiveling Heel Left, Step LF Fwd Swiveling Heel RT (Repeat 2 times)
56Step RF Fwd, Turn ½ Turn Left Step LF Fwd
78Step RF Fwd, Step LF Fwd

PART B: 32c
(1-8) Rt Rolling Vine, Tap RF Side, Tap LF Side
1234Turn ¼ Rt Step RF Fwd, Turn ¼ Rt Step LF next to RF, Turn ½ Rt Step RF Side, Close LF To RF
56Tap RF Side, Close RF to LF
78Tap LF Side, Tap LF to RF

(9-16) Lf Rolling Vine, Tap LF Side, Tap RF Side
1234Turn ¼ L Step LF Fwd, Turn ¼ L Step RF next to LF, Turn ½ L Step LF Side, Close RF To LF
56Tap LF Side, Close LF to RF
78Tap RF Side, Tap RF to LF

(17-24) RF Fwd, Close LF to RF, Rt Shuffle, LF Rock Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle
12Step RF Fwd, Close LF to RF
3&4Step RF Fwd, Close LF to RF, Step RF Fwd
56Step LF Fwd, Recover to RF
7&8Turn ½ Left Step LF Fwd, Close RF to LF, Step LF Fwd

(25-32) RF Scuff & Hitch, LF Scuff & Hitch, 4 Hip Sway
1&2Scuff RF Next to LF, Hitch RF, Step RF Side
3&4Scuff LF Next to RF, Hitch LF, Step LF Side
5678Sway Hips Right, Left, Right, Left

TAG: Turning ¾ Right, Walk in a circle of Rt, LF, Rf, LF

Variation: Instead of Rolling Vines, Do a regular vine


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