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We Were Made To Move

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Absolute Beginner
Aurora de Jong (USA) - February 2024
Rhythm - Manic Drive
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Dance starts after 32 counts

R step forward, L hitch, L step back, R touch back, R Charleston
1-2Step R forward (1), hitch L knee (2)
3-4Step L back (3), touch R back (4)
5-6R Charleston: step R forward (5), kick L forward (6)
7-8Step L back (7), touch R back (8)

Walk forward RL, diagonal step touch forward, diagonal step touch back 2x
1-2Step R forward (1), step L forward (2)
3-4Step R forward to right diagonal (3), touch L to R (4)
5-6Step L back to left diagonal (5), touch R to L (6)
7-8Step R back to right diagonal (7), touch L to R (8)

L diagonal step back with hold, hip bumps RL, right grapevine
1-2Step L back to left diagonal (1), hold (2)
3-4Hip bump R (3), hip bump L (4)
5-6R grapevine: step R to right (5), step L behind R (6)
7-8Step R to right (7), touch L to R (8)
*if the hold on count 2 is too difficult for beginners, do an extra L hip bump on count 2

L rocking chair (or 2 ½ pivots), left grapevine with ¼ left turn and scuff
1-2L rocking chair: Rock L forward (1), recover to R (2)
3-4Rock L back (3), recover to R (4)
5-6L grapevine: step L to left (5), step R behind L (6)
7-8Step L forward, making ¼ turn right (7), scuff R foot (8)
*more advanced dancers can do 2 ½ pivots for counts 1-4

TAG: 4-count tag after Wall 9
1-2Step R forward (1), touch L toe to R heel (2)
3-4Step L back (3), touch R toe to L (4)



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