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What I Couldn't Forget

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Laurent Chalon (BEL) - February 2024
What I Couldn’t Forget - Drake Milligan
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Intro : 16 counts

Section 1: Walk, Walk, Shuffle ½ Turn L, Rock Back, Kick ball Side Point
1-2RF forward, LF forward 12:00
3&4Shuffle ½ turn left 06:00
5-6Rock back LF, Recover on RF
7&8Kick LF, LF next to RF, Point RF to the right

Section 2: Kick Ball Step, Shuffle Fwd, Rock ¼ Turn R, Behind Side Cross
1&2Kick RF, RF next to LF, LF forward
3&4RF forward, LF next to RF, RF forward
5-6Rock forward LF, Recover on RF with ¼ turn to the right 09:00
7&8LF behind RF, RF to the right, LF cross over RF
* Restart here facing wall 3, and replace the Behind Side Cross with a Behind Side Step.

Section 3: Side, Together, Shuffle Fwd, Side, Touch Cross, Side, Flick
1-2RF to right, LF next to RF
3&4RF forward, LF next to RF, RF forward
5-6LF to left, Touch RF in front of LF (+ Snap both hands)
7-8RF to Right, Flick LF behind right leg (+ Slap right hand on Left heel)

Section 4: Side, Together, Shuffle Back, ½ turn & Rock Fwd, Rock Back
1-2LF to left, RF next to LF
3&4LF back, RF next to LF, LF back
5-6½ turn to the right then Rock forward on RF, Recover on LF
7-8Rock back on RF, Recover on LF** 03:00
** Tag here at the end of wall 4

Tag: Step Pivot ½ turn, Step Pivot ½ turn
1-2RF forward, Pivot ½ turn left
3-4RF forward, Pivot ½ turn left

Bonne danse… -

Last Update: 28 Feb 2024


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