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Love Lessons

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High Beginner
Kat Nichols (USA) - February 2024
Learn About Love - Jacquie Roar
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Intro: 16 Counts – Starts on Word “Nice”

Section 1 - R Step-Lock-Step-Scuff or Touch L, L Step-Lock-Step-Scuff or Touch R
1-2Step RF diagonally Fwd (1), lock L knee behind RF (2)
3-4Step RF diagonally Fwd (3), scuff or touch LF next to R (4)
5-6Step LF diagonally Fwd (5), lock R knee behind LF (6)
7-8Step LF diagonally Fwd (7), scuff or touch RF next to L (8)

Section 2 - R Step ½ Pivot, R Toe Strut, L Toe Strut, Out R – Out L
1-2Step RF Fwd (1) turn ½ and end with weight on LF (2)
3-4Touch R toe Fwd (3), drop R heel, weighting R (4)
5-6Touch L toe Fwd (5), drop L heel, weighting L (6)
7-8Step R Fwd and out - pushing R hip as you do this (7), L Fwd and out - pushing L hip (8)
Wall 11 – Restart Here After 16 Counts (keep your weight fwd on the L Out)

Section 3 - R Step Back – Hitch L, L Step Back – Hitch R, R Step Back – Touch L, Step L ¼ & Scuff R
1-2Step RF back (1) hitch L knee (2)
3-4Step LF back (3) hitch R knee (4)
5-6Step RF back (5) touch L toe next to RF (6)
7-8Step LF Fwd ¼ (7) scuff RF (8)

Section 4 - R Vine with L Flick, Step L – R Flick, Point R – R Flick
1,2,3,4Step RF to R side (1) step LF behind RF (2) step RF to R side (3) flick L behind R (4)
5,6,7,8Step LF to L side (5) flick RF behind L (6) point RF to R side (7) flick RF behind L (8)

Last Update - 6 Apr. 2024 - R1


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