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To. X

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High Beginner
Lee Hye Yeon (KOR) - February 2024
To. X - TAEYEON (태연)
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Restart: 7th wall after 16 counts
Intro: 16 Count

Section 1 1/8 Turn Side step, touch, 1/8 Turn Side step, Heel touch, Toe out*2, Hully gully, Chasse
1&2&1/8 turn right RF Side step, LF Touch beside RF, 1/8 turn right LF Side step, RF Side heel touch LF
3&4Toe out, recover, Toe out
5&6&RF Side step, LF Step beside RF, RF Side step, LF Touch beside RF
7&8LF Side step, RF Step beside LF, LF Side step

Section 2 Cross rock recover, Diagonal Back rock recover, Cross rock recover, together, Side step, Side touch, Side step, 1/4 turn step
1&2&RF Cross rock, recover, RF Diagonal Back rock, recover
3&4RF Cross rock, recover, RF Step beside LF
5~6LF Side step with body roll to the left, RF Side touch
7~8RF Side step, 1/4 Turn left LF beside RF

Section 3 Mambo step*2, Knee in*2, RF Knee in*2
1&2RF Fwd Rock, recover, RF Step beside LF
3&4LF Fwd Rock, recover, LF Step beside RF
5&6&RF Knee in, recover, LF Knee in, recover
7&8RF Knee in, recover, RF Knee in

Section 4 1/4 shuffle turn*2, 1/4 turn Fwd, Together, Back rock recover, touch
1&21/4 turn right stepping RF to RF
3&41/4 turn right stepping RF to RF
5~61/4 turn right RF Fwd Step, LF Step beside RF
7&8RF Back rock, recover, RF Touch beside LF

Last Update: 28 Feb 2024


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