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Happy Harbour

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Phrased Improver
Diana Liang (CN) - February 2024
Huan Le Hai An (歡樂海岸) - Xu Qian Ya (徐千雅)
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Intro 32, No Tag/Restart
Sequence: AA BB AA BBBB A BBBB A-(14C of A) Ending 1C
This dance is specially written for Fengqiao Line Dance Get-together on Feb. 26

Dance A: 32C
AS1: Side Tapping R heel, Coaster, Shuffle Forward
1-4step Rf to R side, tap R heel 3 times
Optional R Hand: extend forward and up with palm facing up 1-3, on 4 elbow drop down and turn hand into fist at head high
5&6step Rf back, step lf next to Rf, step Rf forward
7&8step Lf forward, step Rf next to Lf, step Lf forward

AS2: 1/2L Pivot, Diagonal Shuffle Forward RL, Cross Rock Recover
1-2step Rf forward, turn 1/2L stepping Lf in place, 6H
3&4step Rf forward to R diagonal, step Lf next to Rf, step Rf forward to R diagonal
5&6step Lf forward to L diagonal, step Rf next to Lf, step Lf forward to L diagonal
7-8rock Rf over Lf, recover to Lf

AS3: Vine Point, Rolling Vine Point
1-4step Rf to R, step Lf over Rf, step Rf to R, point Lf to L
5-8turn 1/4L stepping Lf in place, 3H, turn 1/2L stepping Rf back, 9H, turn 1/4L stepping Lf to L, 6H, point Rf to R

AS4: Jazzbox 1/4R, Rock Forward, Rock Side 1/4L
1-4cross Rf over Lf, turn 1/4L stepping Lf back, 9H, step Rf to R, step Lf forward
5-6rock Rf forward, recover to Lf
7-8rock Rf to R, recover to Lf turning 1/4L

Dance B: 16C
BS1: Forward Tap Behind Back Kick, Back Shuffle, Coaster, Camel Walk
1&2&step Rf forward, tap Lf behind Rf, step Lf back, kick Rf forward
3&4step Rf back, step Lf next to Rf, step Rf back
5&6step Lf back, step Rf next to Lf, step Lf forward
7-8step Rf forward popping Lf forward, step Lf forward popping Rf forward

BS2: Heel and Point Switches, 1/4L Pivot Rolling Hips x 2
1&2&touch R heel forward, step Rf next to Lf, touch L heel forward, step Lf next to Rf
3&4&point Rf to R, step Rf next to Lf, point Lf to L side, step Lf next to Rf
5-6step Rf forward, turn 1/4L recovering to Lf, 9H
7-8= 5-6, 6H

Ending: 1C of stomping Rf to R

All Shuffles in this dance can be replaced with lock steps.

Thanks and happy dancing!


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