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Courtney Leduc (USA) - February 2024
TEXAS HOLD 'EM - Beyoncé
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#24 Count intro

[1-8] stomp, swivel heels, shuffle back L, Shuffle back R
1,2Left stomp in front, pause
&, 3, 4swivel heels back and forth, pause
5, &, 6,shuffle back L, R, L
7, &, 8Shuffle back R, L, R

[9-16] Charleston step, toe heel touches
1, 2step forward L, kick forwards R
3,4Land R back down, kick L back
5, &, 6L toe touch, L heel touch, Land L foot
7, &, 8R toe touch, R heel touch, Land R foot

[17-24] Grapevine L, kick ball change, Grapevine R, kick ball change
17, &, 18L step to the L side, R step behind L, L step out to L side
19, &, 20(weight on L) kick R, step ball of R foot down, step down on L in place.
21, &, 22R step to the R side, L step behind R, R step out to R side
23, &, 24(weight on R) kick L, step ball of L foot down, step down on R in place

[25-32] Stylised 3/4 paddle turn over R shoulder
25, 26step L pushing the start of the turn, step R
27, 28step L pushing turn, step R
29, 30step L pushing turn, step R
31, 32step L finishing turn, step R

Tag: one 4 count tag on the second wall after 16 counts.
Standing in place raise both arms for one count, pause for 3 count.
Restart after the tag.


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